Best Diet for Women Over 40 for Weight Loss

7 Diet Changes you Should Make After 40

It’s a popular myth that women over 40 gain weight and are prone to health issues. The cause for weight gain and ill health is usually because of a bad diet and inactivity. By following the best diet plan for women over 40, you can stay fit and look youthful at any age!

Hormonal changes and the onset of menopause, when coupled with a poor diet, can create problems for women in their 40s. But some easy diet alterations can make life easier and keep those clothes fitting well!

Creating a Healthy Diet Plan for Women Over 40

1. Fish is Good

Including fish in your diet and having it at least twice a week reduces the danger of heart diseases and breast cancer. Go for fish like salmon and trout which are rich in healthy fats. If you’re a vegetarian or don’t like fish, you can opt for supplements containing fish oil. However, consult with your doctor before you start having supplements.

2. Combine Healthy Eating with Exercise

Being overweight can aggravate menopause symptoms and lead to health problems. Lose all those excess kilos with the help of a dietician who will help you understand the specifics of a weight loss diet for women over 40. She will also point you to a few exercises you can do. Stretching and situps are some simple ones you can try.

3. Call for More Calcium

A diet plan for a 40-year-old woman should include enough dairy products like milk and yoghurt to compensate for the dip in calcium absorption. However, it’s important that you choose only low-fat products. You can also consult your doctor and ask for calcium supplements that are equally effective.

4. Get Rid of Bloating

Too much salt and processed carbohydrates can cause water retention, resulting in even more bloating. Cutting down on these and including whole grains, fruits and vegetables instead is a sure shot way to get rid of bloating.

5. Ditch that Drink

The drawbacks of consuming alcohol are many for women in their 40s. Too much alchohol could increase the risk of breast cancer in post-menopausal women. If you must drink, limit yourself to the occasional glass of wine.

6. Ahoy, soy!

The best diet diet plan for 40 year old womanfor women over 40 includes soy and soy-based products. They can provide relief from annoying menopausal symptoms like hot flashes. You can eat them in the form of tofu, nuts or milk.

7. Going The Herbal Way

If you can’t start your day without a steaming cuppa tea, you’re not alone. However, if you’re suffering from menopause symptoms, you might want to tone things down a little. Hot liquids containing caffeine can aggravate hot flashes. Instead, opt for cool drinks without caffeine like iced herbal tea and fresh juice.

A diet plan for 40 year old woman should be complemented by regular exercise and stimulating activities like hikes, painting, travelling and anything else that makes you feel alive and kicking. Don’t view the 40s as being over the hill; see it as a time when you’re at your best and life is just beginning!

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