Funny Things Teenagers Do That Apparently Don't Make Sense

7 Crazy Things Teens Do That Seemingly Make No Sense!

Many parents are left baffled by their teenagers, because many times, their actions simply don’t seem to make any sense! If you want to avoid arguments and frustrations, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the things teenagers do. Some of them are crazy but then that’s what teenage is!

Have you ever been faced with a situation where you don’t understand your teenager’s actions and reactions? Well, you aren’t alone! Parents of teens suffer the same dilemma. However, don’t forget that this is just a phase in your child’s life and the sooner you start handling things with love and patience, the better off the two of you will be.

7 Funny Things Teenagers Do that Don’t Make Sense

Being punctual is uncool

Punctuality? It’s a far-fetched idea as far as your teenager goes! He might never get around to dressing up on time to catch the school bus or get to class. However, if he asks you to pick him up from some place, he expects you to be there on time! You can get an earful about punctuality and sticking to the clock if you delay even by minutes.

Be sarcastic at your own risk

Teens don’t like sarcastic comments directed at them. In fact, it could lead to arguments in the house. However, your teenager definitely enjoys a good laugh if you get sarcastic with her siblings!

Teenage fashion is the best fashion

No matter how well-dressed you are, you’ll rarely be able to get a compliment from your teenager. He usually considers your style to be outdated and uncool. On the other hand, anything outrageous and shocking that he and his friends wear is what gains big points!

Teenage fashion is the best fashion


Teenagers know everything

Just because you stood first in class and earned a degree from the most prestigious college, it doesn’t mean you’re super-smart. Your teen knows everything and is somehow always a tad bit smarter than you.

Meal times are passe

You may believe that meal times mean family time, but with a teenager in the house, all rules change. Your child might not be forthcoming about eating at the dining table or even eating with the family. She’d rather eat while watching TV or listening to music.

Cleanliness means friends are coming over

No matter how hard you try to convince your teen to keep the house and his room clean, he probably turns a deaf ear. However, if you see him going on a serious cleaning spree, you can be sure it’s because his friends are about to visit!

Parents are fuddy-duddies

If you’ve been thinking of trying to put up a cool front for your teenage child, forget it. No matter what you do, he’ll always find an excuse to prove that you’re “so not cool”. It’s a common thing about teenagers so don’t take it personally.

Dealing with a teen may seem like one of the most difficult things to do. Keep yourself sane by remembering that it’ll all be over soon! Your child will get around to being the kind of person you want him or her to be. Until then, keep your cool and be a rock they can rely on.

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