Common Office Gossips Women Have in Restroom

7 Conversations Women Have in the Office Loo

Office loos hold the most sacred secrets of the women that frequent them! Whether it’s about your Hitler-like boss or a wardrobe malfunction, you need some agreeable nods. Here’s a list of office restroom conversations that women simply can’t deny. You’ll find yourself guilty of having a few!

Men constantly try to figure out what takes women so long in the washroom. What’s there to possibly talk about? If only they knew! The washroom is a hotspot for gossip and in fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that washroom and women share a special bond!

Women’s Conversations in Office Bathrooms: It’s Not All Talk!

1. Gossip!

You feel so free when gossiping in the restroom – the walls will keep your secrets! The nearly endless conversations range from ‘Who’s that cute guy at the cafeteria?’ to ‘Why is the boss favouring her so much?’. Discussing work woes, annoying people and even complaining about your partner and in-laws are a few common office gossips women have in the washroom.

2. Getting much-needed Support

When you want to be heard and crave some much-needed sympathy- be it personal problems or office politics- you just need an ear. Instead of going through the process of planning a coffee date and then meeting up, the restroom is nearby and convenient. You pop in with your friends and unload your worries.

3. Breaking Office Boredom

Always being overloaded with work can push you toward a nervous breakdown or serious boredom. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or just blah, you ping your colleague and let her join you in the loo. Away from all the prying eyes, the restroom can give you the freedom to talk.

4. You Bond!

When there’s a long line to the restroom, the best way to beat the boredom is to start chatting. Sometimes, this little talk can develop into a trusted bond. Maybe you start a new friendship with that hi-bye colleague, or meet someone new and discover how much you have in common. Whatever it is, loo conversations can help you bond.

5. You Break the Ice

Banging on the toilet door is what you do when you just have to pee. Later, you say a ‘sorry’ with a smile and then it leads to talking and even gossiping. The conversations women have in the office loo are endless. It ranges from the stupid to the intelligent and from fun to serious.

6. Some Touch-Ups and Exchanging Fashion Tips

Every woman could do with tips and tricks where fashion and make-up are concerned. Even if you look flawless, learning something new is always welcome. Be it swapping info on the best lip gloss and eyeliner, or where to get the best fashion deals, the loo is for you!

7. You take Selfies!

Apart from office restroom conversations, you enjoy some fun selfie sessions especially when you’re dressed for a board meeting or a special office event. The bright lighting and the large mirror make for the perfect set.

Bathroom conversations can actually fix a lot of professional and personal issues. Men may prefer bonding over drinks in a proper setting but why wait when you can use the loo? If men knew the things we talk about and do in the restroom, they’d probably follow our lead!

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