7 Best Ways To Teach Kids To Ride a Tricycle

7 Best Ways To Teach Kids To Ride a Tricycle

Is your toddler fond of tricycles? Do you want to gift one to your kid and teach him how to ride a tricycle properly? Well, that’s a great idea! Tricycle is a fun vehicle that your preschooler can control and enjoy riding it when he is just about 2 or 3 years old. So, you need to boost your toddler’s morale and teach him some best, effective ways to ride a tricycle successfully. And if you are looking for tips and tricks to teach your child how to ride a tricycle, think no further. Read on to know 7 ways to help your child ride a tricycle.

1. Start with a Trike

One of the best ways to teach your child to ride a tricycle is by helping your toddler learn to ride a trike, a smaller version of a tricycle. Once your toddler masters handling the trike, he can move on to a bigger tricycle. Choose a push trike without pedals so that your preschooler learns and masters the important skill of pushing the trike by using his feet. If you choose a trike with pedals, your kid may enjoy sitting on the big trike but avoid pushing it which prevents him from mastering an important skill.

2. Choose a Right Sized Tricycle

Once your toddler masters managing a push trike, you can introduce the right sized tricycle to him. Choose a tricycle which is small enough to help your toddler sit easily and comfortably and is at an appropriate height too. Ensure your preschooler’s feet are well-placed on the pedals, with his knees bent slightly. Also, make sure your toddler’s hand can reach the handlebars easily.

3. Teach Pedaling

Pedaling is a crucial motor skill that your toddler needs to master for a range of reasons. Learning and mastering pedaling helps improve bi-lateral co-ordination, boosts your kid’s confidence in performing physical activities, increases muscular strength, and enhances postural stability. Balancing a tricycle is not a problem for your toddler due to the presence of three balancing wheels. First, make your toddler understand that his tricycle can move only by pushing the pedals. To make him understand this, slowly push the tricycle forward. This gives your toddler the right view and feel of the rotating pedals that makes his tricycle move forward.

4. Make Kid Sit in The Right Position

Make sure your toddler places his hands on the tricycle’s handlebars and his feet on the tricycle’s pedals. Tell your preschooler not to lean on the handlebars. Guide your toddler to sit straight when riding the tricycle. Sitting in the right position is one of the keys to manage this toy vehicle efficiently.

5. Push The Tricycle Appropriately

Once your toddler sits in the right position on the tricycle, you can start pushing it slowly. Hold the tricycle with one hand on the handlebars and the other hand at the back of your kid’s seat and push the tricycle slowly. Make sure you stop pushing the tricycle every time your toddler takes his feet off the pedals. Continue to push only when he repositions himself. This will make your preschooler understand the pedaling skill and knack of riding the tricycle, and you will find him riding it all by himself in no time.

6. Ride In a Sprawling, Smooth Space

Let your child learn riding the tricycle in an open, obstacle-free, and safe area. Your toddler can learn pedaling quickly at his own pace without any fear of hitting someone or something. Stay away from padded areas like lawns and grassy areas as although they will act as a cushion when your child falls, they will make pedalling tough for your little one.

7. Acquaint With Safety Gear

Last, but not the least, make your toddler wear a helmet every time he gets on his tricycle. Explain to him that helmet is essential as it prevents the risk of head injuries. Also, make your preschooler wears fitting elbow and knee pads while riding his toy vehicle. Never allow your toddler to ride his tricycle without putting on a helmet and other safety gear. Soon, it will become a habit and your child will ride the toy vehicle safely.

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