Annoying Work Habits that Can Cost You Your Job

6 Work Habits that Annoys your Boss

You know you shouldn’t talk for hours with your besties when at work or chew gum at meetings, but there are other surprisingly annoying work habits that can turn off your boss and get you fired. Trade good habits for bad ones today to score brownie points with your boss.

Bad Work Habits that are Affecting Your Job

1. You show up late

Late night baby feeding and sleep deprivation may leave you feeling like a zombie. But they can’t be excuses for turning up late at work daily! Not being on time is a bad workplace habit. Habitual tardiness will make your boss steam and give your colleagues the impression that you’re unprofessional. Aim to reach the office five to 10 minutes early to give yourself some buffer.

2. You procrastinate

You may think that you give your best at the last minute but this habit not only jeopardises your work but also affects team members. Colleagues and superiors may be watching you and will notice your bad habit. Try to be more proactive as that’s the best way to beat stress and meet crucial deadlines.

3. You love surfing the net a little too much

With so many of us enamoured by the internet, employers know they need to keep a check on their staff. Quit checking personal emails, signing onto social media accounts and playing games. Even if you think no one’s watching, your employers could’ve installed trackers on the computers! Avoid taking the risk and keep personal surfing to a minimum.

4. You complain too much

As a working woman and mom, life is super busy for you and having no me-time can be frustrating. But complaining about everything and everyone will do you no good. You could end up complaining to the wrong person! If you’re guilty of spreading negativity, it’s time to break this poor work habit. Save your grudges for your journal instead.

Bad Work Habits that are Affecting Your Job

5. You have an excuse for everything

Whether you’re late for work or sent the wrong email, it’s better to own up rather than making excuses. After all, everyone makes mistakes! Curb this habit that can get you fired and watch your boss and colleagues admire you for your honesty. The next time you screw up, admit it, apologise and find ways to remedy it.

6. You’re the gossip queen

Oh yes, women are famous for gossip but you don’t have to be a part of it. Even if you’re an eternal optimist and everyone likes you, gossiping will overshadow your qualities. Cut down on the useless talk others might be wasting time on. Instead, concentrate on making a good name for yourself.

While it may take some time and patience, good work habits definitely improve your job security. Figure out what your vices are and work on them to bring out a professional side that everyone admires. Your children will also have a super role model to look up to!

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