Feeling Hungry While Dieting? - Stop Dieting Now

6 Warning Signs you Must End That Diet Plan!

Maintaining a healthy diet is essential to keep yourself healthy and fit. But it’s equally essential to know when to stop dieting! There are signs that show your body doesn’t agree with certain diets.

When trying to lose weight and stay fit, it’s extremely important that you have a good diet plan and stick to it. If you don’t, you’ll find it hard to see any changes in your stamina or your weighing scales. But how do you know when your diet is just not right for you and that you need to look for an alternative?

A Few Signs You Might Want to Skip Your Diet

1. Your calorie count is too low

Women need 1,200 to 1,400 calories every day to stay active and fit. If your present diet plan happens to have less than 1,200 calories, it’s definitely not right for you. Your body will start starving, which will result in burning muscles instead of fat.

2. You’re saying no to a group of foods

Does your diet restrict you from consuming a particular food group? This should be one of the main reasons to stop dieting and look for a different plan. Going this route will only increase your cravings for such foods and lead you to binge. Unless you’re allergic to a type of food, it’s essential to eat everything in the right quantities.

3. You’re eating the same food everyday

You’re eating the same food everyday

Is your diet centred around the same food every day? This is when you should stop dieting otherwise you’ll end up craving for variety and leave yourself feeling utterly miserable. You want to look for a diet plan that offers you a choice of different foods and different nutrients.

4. There’s no room for indulging yourself

A diet that doesn’t allow you to indulge once in a while is not a good one. In between all the steamed veggies, leaned meats and green smoothies, you need to treat yourself occasionally. It’s what keeps you from going crazy and stuffing yourself with your favourite sin when you finally break!

5. You’re on a liquid diet

Everyone loves to have a glass of juice or a smoothie. But, what if you have to sustain yourself only on liquids day in and day out? You’ll not only end up feeling hungry while dieting but you’ll also harm your health.

6. You’re eating foods you despise

A diet that doesn’t give you the freedom to choose your food and instead forces you to eat things that you hate is a failure. Give it a miss for one that incorporates things you like in between stuff you don’t love as much.

A balanced diet is one that’s healthy yet a diet that consists of things that make you go ‘Yuck!’ or one that leaves no room for enjoyment is doomed to fail. If you’ve been following such a diet, it’s time you gave it the boot. If possible, consult a nutritionist and chalk out a plan that agrees with your body, your preferences, and your lifestyle.

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