Does SPF Stop You From Tanning?

6 Stupid SPF Myths to Junk At Once!

What is SPF if not the best shield against the harmful UV rays of the sun? The use of SPF or Sun Protection Factor sunscreen safeguards your skin from the sun and stops you from getting tanned or sunburnt. What then are these myths that we are talking about?

For those of you who swear by SPF and even those of you who don’t, here are 6 sunscreen myths and facts that have long hidden in the dark. You just might decide to never even dream of not wearing a sunscreen!

6 SPF Myths Exposed

1. Dark Skin Doesn’t Need Sunscreen

Many dark-skinned people feel that considering their complexion, they are comparatively at minimum risk from exposure to the sun. Not true at all! Irrespective of skin colour, everyone needs sunscreen to protect them from the damaging rays of the sun. While you may feel that you’re less likely to burn, your skin will show wrinkles and be exposed to the increased risk of skin cancer.

2. Sunscreen is for The Face and Neck

Many women slather on sunscreen over their face and neck but leave hands, legs, chest and feet exposed. Skin cancer is not selective and can play upon any part of your body kissed by the sun! Not to forget, this exposure also increases your vulnerability to skin ageing. Don’t be surprised if your face feels youthful and the rest of your body appears crinkly if you decide to protect just your face and neck.

3. Your Sunscreen Has All Day Protection

How nice it would be if certain sunscreens did provide all day protection with no need for re-application. And how divine are waterproof sunscreens that guarantee to last in water! Well, here’s the truth: NO amount of sunscreen can last for a long period of time especially in water or under excessive sweating. You must reapply sunscreen every two hours despite the promise of all day protection. Sad but true.

sunscreen has all day protection

4. You Can Skip it on a Cloudy Day

Just because you don’t feel the rays of the sun on a cloudy day doesn’t mean the sun is not up to his usual tricks. A good 80 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays are known to penetrate through cloud cover. Use something with SPF 15 perhaps but use one nonetheless.

5. You Can Substitute SPF in Your Makeup

No, the SPF in makeup is just not good enough! Even though it does offer some extra protection, it can never substitute for the real thing. Your best bet is to use a facial moisturiser with sunscreen as your base and then apply makeup.

6. Sunscreen Blocks Out Vitamin D

Well, the experts differ on this one but even though, all you need is 15 minutes of exposure in the sun for your body to make adequate levels of Vitamin D. No more! Besides, the sun isn’t the only way to boost Vitamin D production. Supplements like fish, eggs and milk can give your body the desired amount.

While sunscreen is an active shield between you and the harmful rays of the sun, don’t let common myths mislead you into a false sense of security. Use your sunblock correctly to make the most of your time under the sun.

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