6 Laws From Indian Culture on How to Attract Money Spiritually

6 Spiritual Laws From Indian Culture To ATTRACT Money In The Household!

A healthy, wealthy and prosperous household is something everyone wishes for. However, while some are able to attain material wealth with ease, others struggle for years to get the same. Lucky for us, there are some simple solutions in our Indian culture that can help us out!

A major factor in making a happy and content family is prosperity. A prosperous household is every person’s desire. After all, we all need money to fulfill our children’s wishes, put them in a good school, get our loved ones the things they want…Money must not become the central focus of our lives but it definitely is important.

However, while some of us are able to get financial success quite easily, for others the path to wealth can be quite elusive. It’s a vicious cycle, really. You may be working really hard but are still not able to reap results. It is in this situation that our Indian culture promises a solution. As per ancient Indian beliefs and traditions, there are certain laws that if followed promise financial prosperity. Many people have extreme faith in these rituals and do swear by them.

Even if you do not believe in adopting the spiritual route to prosperity, these ideas are worth checking out for their positivity, faith and hope – crucial tenets to achieving success in life!

1. Please The Goddess of Wealth

Lakshmi is considered to be the Indian goddess of wealth and beauty. She is personified as the bearer of fortune and prosperity. Therefore, many Indians pay their respects by doing ‘Lakshmi puja’ (worship of Lakshmi) on the festival of Diwali. Apart from this, various mantras are chanted to call the goddess to people’s homes so she could shower her blessings.

One such practice is to take a clear glass vase with a narrow neck and paste an image of the goddess on it. Drop 4 shiny quarters every day and thank her for the abundance she has provided to your family.

2. Elephant is The Symbol of Prosperity

In ancient India, elephants were owned by rich emperors and since then they have become a symbol of status and wealth. It was believed that only the rich could afford these royal animals. Therefore, till date, many people believe that elephants are lucky charms. Most Indians show their devotion towards the symbol by wearing it in some for or the other, such as jewellery or as keep as decorative items in their houses.

3. Worship Lord Kuber

Lakshmi may be the goddess of prosperity; however, Kuber is known to be the Lord of wealth. Many believe that pleasing him is a significant part of carving a path to financial stability and prosperity.

4. Watch The Vastu

Indian scriptures pay special attention to the concept of vastu and therefore it is considered an essential part shaping a person’s financial condition. It is said that vastu-perfect homes attract wealth. Following are a few vastu tips you could consider trying:

  • Keep a money plant in a green vase. This is known to attract wealth
  • A beautiful house entrance is known to be a bearer of prosperity. Make sure it is clean and beautifully kept
  • The North-West zone in your house is the most prosperous one and can help you get maximum financial support

5. Money Should Be Shared

Indians believe in the power of karma – what you give always comes back. Therefore it is advised that you help those who are in need of financial assistance and are less fortunate, and the universe will always reward you. When your intentions are generous, you get happiness – a precursor of wealth. Pay for the groceries of a family struggling to make ends meet, or simply spend time with children at an orphanage. There are millions of ways to spread happiness!

6. Always Respect The Power of Money

Finally, we must always remember that money is the result of hard work, sweat, blood and labour. When it is disrespected, you tend to disrespect yourself. If managed properly, money will only grow and reward you and your family members. But if it is disrespected, it can negatively impact your family’s future. Learn to track all your expenses and keep your finances organized as this is a pre-requisite to ensuring it lasts you a lifetime.

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