Interesting Facts About Body Hair

6 Secrets you didn’t know about Body Hair

While you’ve been dismissing waxing or shaving as some of those things that must be done, your body hair has secrets you probably never knew. While these secrets won’t change your mind about hair removal, they can sure get you thinking positive!

Most woman swear by this secret to smooth and baby-soft skin: absolutely no body hair. This has become a popular though debatable notion of beauty to the extent that we judge women on their grooming etiquettes based on body hair! While hair removal offers a quick solution, this ever returning”foe” has secrets that you will definitely marvel at.

Secrets of Body Hair No One Told You

1. Sign of Intelligence

While you’ve been cursing that patch of hair growth on your body, consider this: as per a study conducted in the nineties, hair growth is directly proportional to intelligence! So, being hairy is proof that you’re the rare combination of beauty and brains.

2. What’s That Smell?

Did you know that your body has different types of hair to serve different functions? It is only the long and thick terminal hair you find on your face, pubic area and armpits that is responsible for sweating and um, stinking!

3. Laws of Attraction

Remember how the elders always told you God works in mysterious ways? It couldn’t be truer especially when it comes to weird facts about body hair. Ladies, while are busy shaving, epilating, or waxing, your body hair has been directing your secreted hormones towards the opposite sex to attract them! Might as well say thank you to your body hair right now.

shaving, epilating, or waxing, your body hair

4. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

If you haven’t been able to take the time out to schedule your next wax, don’t fret! A normal person loses from 100-150 hairs daily. If only this were true regarding shedding calories too!

5. All That Glitters is Gold

Year after year, you’ve religiously visited parlours to get your body hair removed. After all, what good is body hair anyway, right? No! Research shows that your hair could actually be worth it’s weight in gold. No kidding! Hair strands actually contain trace amounts of the valuable metal you love wearing as jewellery. How’s that for adding to your net worth?

6. The Royal Taster

It isn’t only body hair that has a secret existence, but also the tiny hair in our lungs and nasal passage. This hair – called cilia – can actually respond to taste! For instance, the lung cilia increase their rate of sweeping away impurities the moment they get the bitter taste of nicotine.

So whether you prefer going hairless or learn to live with it, there is so much more to body hair than meets the eye. If you’re one of those really lazy ones looking for a permanent excuse to delay hair removal, you have just been presented with six perfectly logical arguments! Bask under the sun without a fuss with these facts about body hair.

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