How to Wash Bras and Underwear Without Ruining Them

6 Secret Tips to Take Care of your Lingerie

If buying lingerie every other month is your strategy to wear new underwear, it’s time to save some money! Learning how to wash lingerie to keep it looking new can extend the life of your innerwear. Whether it’s everyday bras and panties or expensive shapewear, they all deserve good care.

Delicate lingerie looks amazing but is unfortunately prone to damage. In fact, even regular underwear develops snags if not cared for! Maybe its time to figure out how to wash bras and underwear and preserve your delicates for longer.

How Should You Wash Lingerie?

1. Hand-Wash wherever Possible

The way you wash your lingerie should be different from the regular load you dump in the machine. Unlike tops and trousers that can withstand rough handling, innerwear needs gentle care. This means hand-washing lingerie when possible, except for silk that usually needs to be dry-cleaned. If you must use a washing machine, get a lingerie wash bag so that hooks, buttons, clasps and delicate details are kept intact.

2. Use Mild Detergent

There’s no need to go crazy with detergent unless your lingerie washing care instructions say otherwise. Just try to stick to mild formulas that do the job and are gentle on the fabric. Look for washing agents that don’t contain chlorine and add a fabric conditioner. Also, always use cold or tepid water for washing.

3. Always Separate Colours

Lingerie doesn’t usually bleed but there’s always a first time. Unless you know for a fact that a particular item doesn’t bleed, separate coloured lingerie from whites and other light colours. There’s no need to soak lingerie for too long unless it’s very soiled or you’re trying to get stains out.

How Should You Wash Lingerie

4. Don’t Bleach it

It may seem logical to bleach lingerie, especially whites, but don’t! It’ll only discolour and ruin the details. Instead, use a mild whitening agent and a stain remover. You can also use white vinegar if you’re looking for a more natural solution. Mix it with tepid water and soak your lingerie for an hour or two before rinsing it.

5. Avoid Tumble-Drying

You may be pressed for time but try to stay away from tossing lingerie into the dryer. It can throw moulded bras out of shape and damage lace and embellishments. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a bra washing bag or any other container, tumble drying is still damaging to innerwear. What you should do is let lingerie air dry in the shade. This keeps colour intact, ensures your lingerie smells fresh, and also saves money on electricity!

6. Store Lingerie Separately

Now that you know the best way to wash and dry lingerie, also store it properly. Don’t dump bras, panties and shapewear into the wardrobe along with your clothes. Have three or four compartments to divide different types of lingerie. You should also get a lingerie laundry bag to store innerwear that needs to be washed.

Following this underwear and bra washing care routine can extend the life of expensive shapewear and make your lacy briefs last longer. Sounds good? You’ll also be able to wear them more often and won’t have to spend big bucks on frequent purchases.

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