Top 6 Reasons to End a Fight Between Friends

6 Reasons to Make Up With your Best Friend Today!

Your best friend has been a pillar of support throughout, in good times and bad. So, does a tiff with her really make a difference? Fighting with friends is common, no matter what your age. But don’t let it grow into something you can never resolve.

In spite of making a number of friends at school, college and at work, there’s always one person who’s very special. She knows you inside out and has supported you through thick and thin. You and your best friend are so close that you can speak your mind without hesitation and argue without hate. If you’ve recently had a fight with her, you need to make up and quick.

Why You Should End the Fight With Your Best Friend

1. She’s Your Best Support System

When your spirits are low, there’s one person who can get you back into a good mood. Your best friend! She knows just the right way to cheer you up. No matter how busy she is, she makes sure that you’re happy and kicking before she gets on with her life.

2. You Can be Yourself Around Her

Your bestie knows you very well and loves you in spite of your quirks and moods. You can be just the way you like, whether it’s wolfing down ice cream or hanging out in your PJs. She’s never judgmental and doesn’t make you feel like you need to be all nice and ‘propah’ around her.

3. She Never Sugarcoats Things

Are there times when you’re indecisive about something and there are many people giving their opinions, trying to sway you? What do you do? Rush to your best friend, of course. She tells you what is best for you even if it’s not something you’d like to hear. This is one of the main reasons you should find a way to end the fight between your friend and you.BEST FRIENDS ENJOYING TOGETHER

4. She’s Loyal

Remember the times when your best friend stood up for you against the bully in class? What about the days when she gave it back to people who ill-mouthed you? Well, that’s a best friend’s loyalty. She’s always there for you and makes sure that no one hurts you–all the more reason to end fighting with your friend.

5. She Knows You Best

Your bestie knows you just as much as you know her. There are times when you don’t even need to tell her what’s bogging you down. She understands and somehow seems to make everything right.

6. She Boosts Your Self-Esteem

When you feel low, it’s your best friend who taps you on your head and lists out your qualities and achievements. Or, she tells you to buck up without mincing words. This forthright attitude gives a boost to your self-esteem and makes you feel so much better.

These reasons to end the fight with your best friend should have you picking up the phone and calling her to make amends. Cast your ego aside and remember why the two of you became besties in the first place. She’s an integral part of your life and will continue to be forever. Here’s to BFFs!

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