6 Reasons Why Your Husband Doesn't Want Sex

6 Reasons That Explain Your Hubby’s Unsexy Mood

In a woman’s world, it’s the men who are conventionally portrayed as craving sex. So when a husband refuses sex, we’re quick to jump the gun thinking, “There’s someone else!” But that’s not usually the case. Many husbands don’t want sex for the same reasons that women don’t.

It’s alright for a woman to lose interest in sex but when a man does, alarm bells start ringing! It’s not that your husband has stopped loving you and he definitely isn’t abnormal. There could be many reasons to explain his lack of libido.

Reasons Why Husband Is Not Interested In Wife

1. Work Has Worn Him Thin

Work stress takes its toll on everyone. When your man comes home after a long hard day, all he wants to do is jump into bed but to rest, not have sex. Don’t take it personally. Exhaustion can lead both men and women alike to crave sleep more than lovemaking. Initiate a morning quickie if time permits. If not, keep it for the weekends and make it count!

2. Emotional Stress

Emotional turmoil could also be a reason for lack of intimacy from your husband. He might be lagging in productivity at the job or maybe he feels he isn’t making enough money. Often, women make remarks about their husbands to friends and family that hurt their egos and their hearts. Instead of criticising him, why not shower him with some praise and show appreciation every once in a while?

3. Manhood Problems

Physical problems are more often than not one of the main causes of a man’s low sex drive. Is he facing issues like erectile dysfunction due to low testosterone, impotency, heart and kidney disease or diabetes? The good news is that with medication, his manhood can be up and running. Try and get him to see a doctor without making him feel like it’s a huge problem.

4. Excessive Pornography

Pornography equals husband and no sex. Watching x-rated movies a little too much can cause him to get aroused more than the physical act itself. His sexual release, therefore, comes from masturbating, leaving him with nothing to offer you. It’s a serious problem and one that can ruin your marriage if you ignore the warning signs.

5. The Other Loves of his Life

No, it’s not another woman but sports, movies and video games which could be his other loves! Night time is probably the only opportunity he gets to watch TV. Thus, if your husband doesn’t want sex, it’s probably because he has chosen television, hoping to catch up with you later. By the time he does, either he’s too exhausted or you’ve beaten him to it.

6. The Naked Truth

This is one of the hardest to accept the reasons why your husband is not intimate. Marriage and kids can make you look different. Sometimes, men can be put off by their wives’ appearance. That doesn’t mean your husband has stopped loving you! But maybe you could try a little dressing up and a workout twice a week. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, sex can be fantastic!

Not all men are lean, mean sex machines! They too have their fair share of sexual woes. It’s nothing that can’t be worked upon, however; with a little understanding, compromise and lots of love, you can get that magic wand to work!

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