6 Questions Every Woman Asks Her Gym Trainer

6 Questions Every Woman Asks Her Gym Trainer

Working-out is an activity that can turn even the most laid back mom into an anxious wreck. And it’s up to the gym trainers to give us the answers while holding back their giggles!

From whether we are lifting the weights correctly, to how long you have to stick to the diet, we come up with a barrage of questions that are sometimes really funny! The gym instructors may make smug faces as much as they want but hey, it’s only natural that you are going to have questions when you just begin a workout! (…and we are not even talking about how to lose weight quickly.) In fact, not just questions, we also have a set of crazy mom things we worry about during exercise.

But do these questions to ask the gym trainer sometimes border on – err, crazy? Sometimes, it might be best to ‘think before you speak’, as the saying goes. But don’t worry ladies, we’ve all made these gym faux pas at some point in our lives, and they are part of what makes us so unique!

1. Can I lose 10 kgs for my sister’s wedding in 1 month?

…not unless you starve yourself. And that is something we’d never endorse!

2. Can my friend and I do the same workout together?

…depends. Are you and your friend the exactly same person?

3. Are you sure lifting weights won’t make me manly?

…no. NO. NO. NO.

Are you sure lifting weights won't make me manly?

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4. Um.. Could you help me figure out where my quad is?

…may I interest you in an anatomy textbook?

5. Just a minute. Can I quickly answer this phonecall?

…no! And from now on keep your phone in the locker room!

6. Hey! Could you please see if my mascara is running?

…why are you wearing makeup to the gym anyway?

Hey! Could you please see if my mascara is running?

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It’s time to be honest, ladies! Have you also asked these questions to your gym trainer? Well, so have we! And we daresay, it’s better to have asked and still worked hard at the gym than putting off hitting the gym every day.

Have a happy fitness journey!

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