Things You Should Avoid Doing to Your Bestie

6 Mean Things to Never Do To your Best Friend!

We all have that one best friend who we confide in and who’s the shoulder we lean on. It’s only fair that we treat this relationship with respect and don’t ruin it. Find out how to keep it strong by avoiding things you should never do to your best friend.

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves’, goes the adage. You gel well with someone, laugh at the same jokes, and before you know it you have a BFF. It’s a special relationship, one you will cherish for life. But, there are certain unspoken rules in every special friendship that should always be followed if you want wonderful relationships to endure.

A Few Things You Should Avoid Doing to Your Bestie

1. Don’t ever bond with your best friend’s ex:

Logic says that he’s her ex and they broke up for a reason! Despite what she may say, try and never develop a close bond with her ex. It’s something that’ll bother her, despite how magnanimous she may try to be, and it’s bound to drive a wedge between you two.

2. Don’t judge your BFF:

Good friends never pass verdicts on their friends. It could be her clothing choices, dating choices, her eating habits, or anything else. Accept and appreciate your buddy for who she is. She may be different from you, but remember she’s your bestie for a reason.

3. Never post bad pics of your bestie:

Social media has a stunningly far reach and posting unflattering pictures of your friend just reflects poorly on you. You may look gorgeous in a picture, but she may look terrible. Posting photos that don’t do her justice is a devious thing even if you don’t mean it that way.

hings You Should Avoid Doing to Your Bestie

4. Don’t spill her secrets:

Your best friend trusts you unconditionally. She confides her secrets and fears in you because she trusts you. You may mention it to your sister or even your husband without any intention of causing harm, but what your BFF tells you in confidence should remain so.

5. Don’t ever be dishonest about her appearance:

It’s good to be supportive and have your friend’s back, but it’s just mean if you let her go out looking like a mess. Don’t worry about hurting her feelings; she’ll be more hurt by others making fun of her. She may be having a bad hair day, or a particular outfit may not look very flattering on her. As her best friend, it’s your duty to point it out and help her fix it.

6. Don’t take her ex’s side after a break-up:

You may be friends with the person she was dating, but she’s still your best friend. Your loyalties lie with her, and it’s your duty as her bestie to see her through the break up. Even if it’s her fault that the relationship didn’t work, pointing the finger and blaming her is not the way.

Best buddies stick with each other through thick and thin. You follow the code and you try not to hurt each other and have one another’s back. That’s what besties are for. Follow these things you should never do to best friends and enjoy a friendship that’ll last for years, maybe decades too!

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