Easy Tips to Cut Calories from Morning Coffee

6 Hacks to Lesser Calories In Your Morning Coffee

Love coffee, but hate the calories it contains? There are simple ways to cut calories from your morning coffee while still enjoying your favourite kick-starter. If you’re worried that coffee’s affecting your waistline, implement these small changes and see great results over time.

That morning cup of coffee really gets you going, doesn’t it? It’s just the thing to kick-start your mood and your energy. Yet, for all its stimulating properties, it can pack quite a few calories. The good news is that you can enjoy your cuppa without facing the bane of stacking up unwanted calories.

Explore The Best Ways to Cut Calories from Coffee

1. Cut Back on Sugar

If you’re someone who drinks coffee loaded with sugar, cut back on the sugar. Try reducing from two teaspoons to one and a half and gradually go down to one and even half a spoon if you can. Adding spices like cinnamon can help balance the taste.

2. Choose Low-Fat Milk

Coffee and milk is a dreamy combination but it’s also one that your body doesn’t need. A simple way to cut calories from your morning coffee is to switch to low-fat milk. You can even try other types of milk like almond and soy as they don’t contain as many calories as cow’s milk. They add a pleasantly different flavour to coffee as well.

Choose Low-Fat Milk

3. Don’t Drink Too Much

Even if you drink low-calorie coffee, too many cups will only negate your efforts. One way how you can reduce calories in coffee drinks is simply to reduce your intake. If you usually drink 4 cups in a day, cut back to two. Substitute with a healthy drink like a smoothie or start your day with a glass of warm water, lemon and honey.

4. If You’re Drinking Out, Specify What You Want

Visiting a cafe for a cup of your favourite latte or cappuccino is so satisfying. However, it’s no secret that a lot of calorie-rich ingredients can go into those caffeine beverages. The next time you’re at a coffee shop, ask the barista to reduce the amount of milk and cream, or ask for low-fat varieties.

5. Try to Make Your Own Coffee

Yes, it can be a pain to make your own coffee when there’s a corner cafe with a coffeemaker, but your health will thank you for it! With fewer ingredients at your disposal backed by your will to cut the calories, you can control how much sugar, milk and cream to include. You get to hone your coffee-making skills too!

6. Drink Iced Coffee When You Can

Ice displaces liquid, which means you’ll end up drinking less with iced coffee. If you want to drive down your calorie count even more, drink black iced coffee with just half a spoon of sugar. If you can skip the sugar, even better. You can always add cinnamon or nutmeg for extra taste.

These tips to cut calories from morning coffee will help you enjoy your favourite beverage without worrying too much about your waistline. They’re easy changes to make but yield big results that you’ll soon notice.

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