Tips on How to Live a Perfect Yoga Lifestyle

6 Habits you Must Develop to Let the Yoga Magic Work

You are all charged up to practise yoga and have already started dreaming about the world of good it will do to your body. Your hubby and kids are thrilled too. Well, while yoga is definitely great for good health, your efforts will be wasted if you fail to follow habits for a healthy lifestyle!

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise which builds both physical and mental resistance. However, yoga must be accompanied with a few essential habits in your daily lifestyle. It won’t do to miss out on sleep or nutritious food, for example, and expect yoga to work wonders! If you are not following these habits already, pick them up today and accompany them with yoga for an awesome you.

How to Live a Yoga Lifestyle

1. Eat a Yogic Diet

What’s a yoga diet plan? Well, one that’s healthy, nutritious and balanced with all important vitamins, minerals and proteins! Include lots of fruits in your meals, whole grains such as oats, herbal tea and fresh veggies. You must abstain from processed and artificial foods, too much salt and alcohol. A healthy plate translates into a healthy body.

2. Keep your Spirits Sky-High

The monotony of daily life, coupled with the household chores and mommying you must do, can sometimes get you down. Yoga will help you build a stronger mind but only if you first learn to steer clear of depressants. Connect with your husband more, take frequent breaks and live each day to its fullest to remain cheerful.

3. Sleep, Baby, Sleep

It’s not just your baby who needs plenty of sleep! Healthy sleep habits are an absolute essential for a body that’s attuned to yoga. One of the best yoga tips is to try and get at least 7 hours of sleep; make up with a daytime nap if you must. Have an early dinner and make sure to not exercise too close to your bed time. Once you’re getting good sleep, it will also be easier to wake up for yoga every morning.

4. Take it slow

As a mom, you know little rest and jump from one chore to another interminably. Stop rushing all the time and ask others for help if you have to. Yoga will be able to give you the acclaimed inner peace only if you learn to take things more easily. Stop living as if there’s a constant time bomb ticking away in your closet!

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5. Chuck Negative Relationships

You can do much better without the woman who was once a friend but now feels like a burden, the neighbour who gossips ill news about everyone and the colleague who cares too much about office politics. Yoga demands that you distance yourself from all sorts of negative energy. Try to be in positive company and hang out only with people who make you happy. That’s the best way to adopt a yogi lifestyle!

6. Take Time Out to Unwind

If the busy day leaves you with no time for leisure, this is worse news than you can imagine. It is imperative that you make some time to read a good book, listen to music or paint a few strokes. Spend time focusing on what you love best – and it could be any hobby right from gardening to sculpture. Yoga calls for concentration and this can only come through focus.

If you have been planning to start yoga, first ensure you have a yoga lifestyle diet and habits. It will definitely be demanding to accommodate time for yourself but hey, you deserve it! Let these healthy habits prepare your mind and body to fully embrace the goodness of yoga.

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