6 Fun Ways To Celebrate International Women’s Day

Fun Ways To Celebrate International Women’s Day

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Every year on March 8, the world celebrates International Women’s Day to acknowledge the achievements of women. This is that time of the year when we take stock, appreciate and renew our efforts to empower women and promote gender equality. We bring you some splendid but thoughtful ideas to make this day one you’ll always remember!

After the initial excitement about a day specially for women, the reality dawns on you. As moms, working professionals and/or homemakers, a celebration can hardly mean a holiday. There are kids to be looked after, chores to be done, and errands to be run. So, how to celebrate International Women’s Day?

Ladies, fret not. Even if you can’t take the day off and need to keep doing business as usual, there are some incredibly fun ways to celebrate. Check out our specially curated list of fun ideas to mark this March 8!

Splendid Things to Do on Women’s Day

1. Do One Good Deed Uplifting Womankind

There’s only one way to guarantee a better world – working together. It’s high time we join hands to ensure that every woman is entitled to what’s #RightfullyHers – in every sphere of her life. Here are some idea starters:

  • Spend some time educating your maid or domestic help. You can help her with everyday mathematics and language that will in turn help her kids get a better life.
  • Help your daughter write a letter to someone in authority – say, her Principal or the Prime Minister – and express what changes she wants to see.
  • Take some hot meals to the nearest women and child NGO. Everyone has the right to nutrition and good health and you can help facilitate this.

2. Join the Pledge For Parity Cause

Women empowerment notwithstanding, there’s no denying that gender inequality is still very much a part of our world. In education, career, household and even parenting, women go through rampant interference, discrimination and judgment. This year, join the Women’s Day Pledge For Parity campaign. You can show your support by signing the petition, sharing selfie cards on social media, writing about the cause, and most importantly, working to implement parity in your life.

3. Bring on the Purple

Purple is the official color of International Women’s Day. Wondering why? The choice originated in the early 1900s, when purple was closely associated with the women’s suffrage or voting movement. Plus, we think it’s a rich, indulgent colour – perfect for the special occasion! Why not throw a house-party for your girlfriends where purple will be the colour code? If you’re artistically inclined, the sky is your limit. Experiment with purple wall murals, cupcakes, home-made fashion accessories, et al!

4. Travel and Experience Something New

If there’s one teacher we must retain all our lives, it’s travel. As women, travelling helps broaden our mindsets, gets us to learn new life skills, and allows us much-needed relaxation. You can go out on a solo trip to a nearby – or far-off location – based on the time at hand. If a full-fledged trip is not possible, consider a one-day picnic to a spot you find solace in.

5. Binge Watch or Read These Women-Oriented Works

Womanhood has always been a fascinating subject for film-makers and writers. On March 8, run a movie marathon of fine women-oriented movies. If you are keen on sports and fitness, watch Million Dollar Baby, the biopic of a trainee boxer who makes it big in the boxing world through her strength of character. You could also watch Erin Brokovich, the inspiring story of an environmental activist. If you prefer Bollywood, try Astitva, the beautiful story of a woman liberating herself from male chauvinism. Or check out Dor, a riveting tale of friendship between two women.

And book-lovers, you can plan an afternoon spent reading books by the best women authors. Choose a contemporary writer like Jhumpa Lahiri, a classic read by Virginia Woolf, or fall back on good old JK Rowling.

6. Allow Yourself One Indulgence

Finally, let your hair down and indulge in something you have long wanted to – a three-course dinner, a spa treatment, chocolate cupcakes. Get your husband, family and kids to join the celebration – or you could take some time off completely for yourself. This is your day and for all that you do throughout the year, in your multiple roles as a woman, you totally deserve it!

Splendid Things To Do On Women's Day