6 Interesting Magnetic Experiment & Activities for Children

6 Fun Magnet Experiments and Activities for Kids

Kids may have a thrilling time exploring and playing with magnets. Magnets can be quite magical for young kids. They may also learn about magnetism and magnetic fields with enjoyable activities and experiments. For example, when introducing your child to magnets for the first time, you can ask him to gather random objects from about the house like a pencil, a spoon, clips, eraser, plastic toys. Hand over a magnet and have him find out which items get attracted or doesn’t get attracted to the magnet. You can help your kid test and sort the objects into two sections: non-magnetic and magnetic. However, ensure proper supervision of your child at all times as magnets can be hazardous if swallowed.

Magnet Experiments and Activities for Children

Integrating science in real life situations can be a good way to help kids enjoy and learn at the same time. You can make kid’s activities more productive by utilising the opportunity to educate them about basic concepts of science. Here are some stimulating activities that may assist your child to explore the amazing science of magnets:

1. Exploring Magnetism with Chalk

This easy magnet science experiment can be very entertaining and hands-on learning for pre-schoolers.


  • Few pieces of chalk
  • A Ziploc bag
  • Salt
  • Magnetic things lying around the house
  • A horseshoe magnet
  • A glass container
  • A shallow bowl


  • Put the pieces of chalk in a bowl.
  • Help your kid smash the pieces of chalk till they turn into powder.
  • Mix the powdered chalk with an equal measure of salt.
  • Transfer the mix into a bowl and fill it magnetic items like paper clips, nails, small magnets.
  • Have your kid collect all the magnetic things from the bowl with the horseshoe. It may be fascinating for him to see how quickly the objects travel to the magnet.
  • You can pour the mix into a glass container as well. Ask your kid to run the magnet on the container’s sides and let him observe how it makes the magnetic things move.

Exploring Magnetism with Chalk

2. Magnetic Fields

This magnet science experiments for kindergarten can reveal to kids how magnetic fields can affect things even without any physical contact.


  • A disk magnet (1/2-inch diameter and ½ inch thick)
  • 3 feet long aluminium tube
  • 3 feet PVC tube
  • Pencil


  • Hold the aluminium tube upright and have your kid drop the disk magnet though first followed by the pencil.
  • The pencil is likely to fall more quickly.
  • Repeat the exercise with the PVC tube. The magnet and pencil will drop at an equal
  • You can explain to your kid that the falling magnet alters the aluminium tube’s magnetic field, prompting a kind of electric current which thrusts back against the magnet slowing its fall.

3. Magnetic Poles

You can teach your kids about magnetic poles with this simple scientific experiment.


  • Iron filings
  • Plastic soda bottles (16 oz. in size and empty)
  • Plastic test tubes (they should fit inside the bottle)
  • Button magnets (set together)
  • Masking tape


  • Ask your kid to fill 1/4th of the soda bottles with iron filings.
  • Help him wrap tape round test tube’s open end to ensure that it will fit securely in the mouth of the bottle.
  • Slide the test tube inside the soda bottle and put the magnets into the tube. Then cap the bottle.
  • Have your kid place the bottle horizontally and then roll it.
  • Help him see how the filings make a pattern about the magnet due to the lines of force formed by the magnetic fields.

Magnetic Poles

4. Magnet Maze

This enjoyable activity is bound to keep your child entertained for hours. However, it may be best to oversee your child, particularly when handling smaller magnets as they can be a possible choking hazard.


  • A white sheet
  • A Pen
  • Magnet (button)


  • Draw a maze on a white sheet. You can check online to create one.
  • Have your kid move around the magnet to solve the maze.
  • You can also create roads and help your kid to make paper cars.
  • Your kid can race the different paper cars moving them along the road.

5. Magnet Painting

Magnet activities for pre-schoolers can include this delightful, colourful activity which may allow them to indulge in their love for colours.


  • A shoe box
  • A piece of white paper
  • Painting colours
  • A paper clip
  • Magnet


  • Assist your kid to stick a piece of white paper at the bottom-most part of a shoe box.
  • Pour some drops of different paint colours of your kid’s choice on the
  • Bend the paper clip slightly and place it on the paper.
  • Have your kid move the magnet from one place to the other beneath the box and see the colours blend beautifully together.

Magnet Painting

6. Magnetic Compass

This exciting activity is sure to be a huge hit with your kid.


  • A shallow bowl
  • A cork
  • A paper clip
  • Magnet
  • Sticky notes for labelling
  • Water


  • Fill the bowl with water and label it with the cardinal four directions namely north, south, east, west.
  • Stuck a paper clip at one end of the cork.
  • Have your kid forcefully rub a magnet against the paper clip explaining that by doing so a magnet can be created which may last for a couple of minutes.
  • Place the magnetised paper clip with the cork in the bowl. Help your child notice that the paper clip will be facing north and he has created a makeshift compass.

Parents can make learning fun with different interesting and thought-provoking magnetic activities and experiments. Provide your child with magnets or magnetic objects of various sizes and ask them to write their observations. Encourage them to create little experiments on their own which may facilitate their learning and further exploration of the science of magnets.

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