Best Foods to Eat to Stay Hydrated

6 Delicious Foods that are Hydrating too!

If fulfilling your daily water quota seems bland, compliment it with some yummy fruits and vegetables! These foods that keep you hydrated ensure you have a power-packed diet that both your body and taste buds love.

Water makes up about 60 percent of your body weight, no less! It is no surprise then that it’s important to be well-hydrated especially if you’re undergoing a lot of stress or are breastfeeding. What could be better than delicious foods that help keep your body’s water levels ideal?

6 Most Hydrating Foods to Eat

1. Refreshing cucumbers

With 95 percent water content, cucumber is a good source of vitamin C and a must-have when you feel bloated. The next time you’re hit with a craving, don’t reach for a bag of potato chips or nachos but go for cucumbers instead. For a light snack, you can go for baked tofu cucumber rolls that are just as tasty. These high water content foods will leave you feeling refreshing and hydrated.

2. Lovely strawberries

Strawberries are not just attractive fruits but they’re also full of nutritional value. Since they contain 91 percent water and are enriched with vitamin C and folate, they help in the growth of healthy new cells. To make them even more delectable, make a smoothie of strawberry, banana and aloe vera juice. It’s a yummy thirst-quencher for you and your kids.

3. Chilled yoghurt

Yoghurt is a star among foods that keep you hydrated as it also doubles up as the perfect snack. It’s 85 percent water and has calcium, protein and electrolytes. Best when served chilled, you can give it a creative twist with the help of a few fruits. Fill up half a cantaloupe with creamy yoghurt and top it with cherries and berries. Your children won’t be able to resist it!

4. Summertime watermelon

This H2O-enriched food is also a good source of vitamin C and when it’s red, it’s a source of lycopene – an anti-oxidant. One or two fresh wedges will be filling enough for one person. Add some more fruits and you’ll find that how to stay hydrated is a scrumptious journey! Try whipping up a green melon mocktail to give yourself a hydrating punch.


5. Coconut water

Low in carbs and rich in potassium, there’s a reason why everyone goes nuts over this thirst-quenching tropical drink! It’s one of the best ways to stay hydrated and whenever you feel yourself craving something sweet and healthy, get a few coconuts and sip on the refreshing water.

6. Green smoothie

Leafy greens are fewer in calories and contain a lot of water. Once in a while, treat your digestive system to a couple of green smoothies. When your body is happy, it’ll kick out toxins and you’ll feel less bloated. On a hot, sluggish day, make a smoothie of avocado, aloe vera and coconut water for instant bliss!

Include these foods to eat to stay hydrated in your diet and skip packaged foods and artificial drinks that may look good but don’t do much for your body. Nature has everything you need to stay healthy and you can simply eat and drink your way to good health!

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