Calf Toning Exercises for Women

6 Best Exercises to Flaunt Slimmer and Toned Calves

The summer season calls for short dresses and swimming outings. But, chances are that your skinny or bulky legs are keeping you hidden under layers of clothing and low self-esteem. With these calf exercises for women, you can give your legs a well-deserved face-lift.

With the onset of summer, the fashion scene has changed from the drab colours of winter to the fresh summery ones. The party scene too has shifted from closed banquets to poolside. Meaning that dresses, shorts, and skirts are the call of the season and everyone is getting ready to show off those sculpted legs. Don’t have them? It’s never too late to start. Find out some easy leg-slimming workouts that will help to tone and shape your calves. If you’ve been conscious of your bulky legs, these exercises are just what you need.

Effective and Easy Calf Exercises for Women

1. Up and Down

The first set of exercises to tone calves require that you start off with your legs spread shoulder-width apart, with hips sticking out such that the knees and ankles are in a line. Lower your hips till your hamstrings and the floor are parallel. Do about 20 heel lifts, till your calves get tired.

2. Jumping Jacks

Jumping is a fantastic way to combine calf toning exercises with those for the hips. With your legs shoulder-width apart, straighten your back and lower the hips till the heels start lifting off the ground. From this position, each jump would require you to swing your arms overhead simultaneously as you jump. The body will make a straight line when you’re doing this.

3. Weighty Matters

Endurance training also involves exercises to make skinny legs look better. Get in position to do some simple calf raises by shifting the weight of your body from the heel to the balls of your feet, while holding dumbbells in your arms. The increase in external resistance will create more stress on the lower legs. ||

4. Mountain Climber

Get into the push-up position and ensure that your abs are contracted. A minute of fast running in that position with the legs going in and out is great for strengthening the calves.

5. Master the stairs

One of the easiest old-fashioned exercise for the calves is running up and down the stairs. Half an hour of such a session is sure to tone those calves, making them look strong and good.

6. Calf lifts

One of the best leg slimming exercises is calf lifts. Start with your hands resting on a wall in front of you or on your hips. Keep your tail bone tucked in. Raise yourself on your toes and hold the position for a few seconds before bringing the feet to the ground. This will help to strengthen the calves and can work wonders for you!

Following this workout for calves will make them look sexy and fit. Now, having slim and toned legs is not something that you can only dream of. With regular repetitions of these exercises, you can say hello to slim toned calves and legs in no time. However, it is important to pay attention to the demands of your body and not tax it beyond fatigue!!

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