Makeup Using a Spare Toothbrush

6 Beauty Hacks with that Spare Toothbrush

That spare toothbrush in your bathroom can be more than a device you never get around to using. From managing your frizzy hair to smoothening your lips, here are some beauty tips using toothbrush you will simply love to follow.

Who doesn’t like beauty hacks? They save you lots of time and money surfing through beauty brands. One such unassuming item that offers a number of beauty hacks is your spare toothbrush! Put it to use – manage your hair and makeup and we are sure you’ll love the results.

Beauty Hacks With Your Toothbrush

1. Remove mascara clumps

Many of us have been guilty of swabbing a little more mascara than required to get black rounded eyelashes. Sadly, this often leaves behind ugly clumps which we then need to remove with expensive cleansers. Thankfully, you can now do this with your toothbrush. Just run a soft bristled toothbrush smoothly through your lashes to declump the mascara and get a polished look.

2. Manage your frizzy, flyaway hair

Don’t you get hysterical when you see some unruly and frizzy hair sticking out of your freshly made, elegant hairdo? Well, there’s no need to rush back to the salon or get mad at your hairstylist any more. Just spray some hairspray on a toothbrush and slowly brush the flyaway hair to set them back in place. It’s as easy as that! The same trick can be used to brush your eyebrows in shape.

3. Clean your nails

With so many household tasks at hand and the kids messier than you’d like, your nails are likely to get soiled every day. Like you brush your teeth at night, also take some time to brush your nails. How? All you need to do is move the toothbrush back and forth to get rid of dirt and unwanted particles stuck in your nails. Easy peasy!

4. Clean your hair dryer and combs

The vent of your hair dryer tends to attract dust and get clogged over time. Cleaning it regularly with a brush can keep your dryer in good condition. You can also clean your combs and hair brush this way. Just ensure to use a clean toothbrush or you might end up spreading germs!

5. Exfoliate lips, nose, elbows and knees

Get rid of the dead skin on your lips and give them a smooth luscious look with your toothbrush. Apply some lip balm on the lips and move the brush gently in a circular motion to remove dead skin. Do remember to moisturise the area prior and after exfoliating with a brush so as not to be harsh on the skin.

6. Create a cool nail art design

Start by painting your nails in the base colour of your liking. Then pour a few other nail colours onto a palette and grab a toothbrush. To get started, dip the head of the toothbrush in one colour and gently stipple it at random on to the painted nails. Try different colours and stipple until your nails look perfectly glamorous!

Isn’t it magical how a toothbrush just made a lot of our beauty needs cheaper? Bid adieu to products that burn a hole in your wallet and embrace toothbrush beauty hacks to look gorgeous.

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