Top 550 Girl Names That Start With V

550 Girl Names That Start With V

From Vanessa to Victoria, there are countless beautiful names starting with V! It is often said that V letter names for girls exude beauty, elegance, royalty, and sophistication! It is also believed that girls with V as an initial enjoy the finer things in life, something that’s quite rare to find these days! So, if V for victory name for girls excites you then read on this post to get some gorgeous and unique names starting with V!

V Names For Girls

Below mentioned is the list of 500 baby girl names that begin with V.

Victoria Vedakshi Vijula
Vaagdehi Vedangi Vika
Vaagiswari Vedangini Vikasni
Vaak Vedanshi Vikki
Vaani Vedanshika Viktoria
Vaanya Vedanti Viktorija
Vaarahi Vedashri Vilasini
Vaarida Vedasree Vilayna
Vaclana Vedasya Vilda
Vaclava Vedetta Vildana
Vada Vedette Vilde
Vadamae Vedha Vilette
Vadhana Vedia Vilhelmiina
Vadsilia Vedica Vilhelmina
Vaetild Vedika Vilma
Vaetilda Vedisha Vilmaris
Vafara Veditha Vimala
Vagdevi Vedrana Vimmi
Vageshwari Vedvika Vina
Vagiswari Veeda Vinata
Vahamana Veena Vinaya
Vahbiz Vega Vincenjiya
Vaheeda Vegas Vincenza
Vahida Veliane Vincenzina
Vahini Velika Vindhuja
Vaibhavi Velma Vinea
Vaidehi Velna Vineela
Vaijanti Velouette Vineeta
Vaijantimala Velta Vinia
Vail Velvet Vinisha
Vailea Vena Vinnie
Vairagini Venba Vinny
Vaishali Vendetta Vino
Vaishnavi Venera Vinodini
Vaisnavi Venessa Vinya
Vajra Veneta Viola
Vajrini Venetia Violaine
Vakasa Venette Violanda
Vakeva Venezia Violante
Val Venice Violet
Vala Venita Violeta
Valancy Venla Violette
Valbona Ventana Viona
Valborg Ventura Vionna
Valdine Venus Vionnet
Valdis Venya Viori
Vale Veola Viorica
Valencia Vera Vipasana
Valenda Veradisia Vipra
Valene Verbenia Vira
Valentin Verda Viradechtis
Valentina Verdad Viragini
Valentyna Verdia Virali
Valeny Verdiana Virangana
Valeria Vered Virani
Valerie Vereda Virdia
Valesca Verena Virdis
Valeska Verene Virge
Valia Verenice Virgia
Valina Verenika Virgie
Valini Verenya Virginia
Valjeta Vergie Virginie
Valka Veriko Viri
Valkyrie Verily Viridiana
Vallabha Verita Virika
Vallabhi Verity Virma
Vallee Verla Virnell
Vallita Verlee Virtudes
Vallori Verlene Virushka
Valmai Verlie Visala
Valmay Verna Vishakha
Valmira Vernel Vishala
Valonia Vernell Vishalakshi
Valor Vernelle Vishalakshini
Valpurga Vernice Vishali
Valpuri Vernisha Visheta
Valriana Vernita Vishwa
Valsala Verochka Vishweswari
Valya Verochki Visitacion
Valyana Verolyn Vismaya
Valyn Verolyna Visnaja
Vama Verone Visnja
Vamana Veronica Visola
Vamil Veronicah Vispanfriva
Vamshi Veronika Vissia
Vanaja Veronike Vista
Vanamala Veroniki Vita
Vancha Veronique Vitaka
Vanda Versie Vitaliya
Vandana Verta Viti
Vande Vertchalous Vitina
Vandita Vertie Vitke
Vandy Vertite Vitomira
Vandya Veru Vitoria
Vanesa Veruca Vitoriana
Vanessa Veruschke Vittoria
Vangelija Verusha Viva
Vani Verushika Vivaldi
Vanida Verviene Viveca
Vanila Veryan Vivega
Vanishree Veselka Viveka
Vanity Veslemoy Vivi
Vannessza Vesna Vivia
Vanora Vesper Vivian
Vanorena Vespera Viviana
Vanshi Vessela Vividha
Vanshika Vesta Vivienne
Vanya Vestal Vivika
Vapra Veta Vivitsa
Varda Veva Vixen
Vardah Vevila Viyan
Vardehi Vezna Viyana
Vardo Vhana Viyoginee
Varduhi Vi Vjekoslava
Varena Via Vjera
Varenka Vianca Vlada
Varij Vianna Vladimira
Varija Vianne Vladimiri
Varika Vianney Vladisilva
Varini Viatrix Vladka
Varinia Vibeke Vladlena
Variniana Vibha Vladona
Varnu Vibhu Vlamora
Varsha Vibhuti Vlasta
Varsity Vica Vlatika
Varsnie Vicenta Vlatka
Vartoughi Vickey Vlora
Vartouhi Vicki Voctorita
Varuni Vickie Voe
Varvaara Vicky Voirre
Varvara Victoire Volande
Varya Victoriah Volante
Vasanta Victorian Volga
Vasantha Victoriana Volleny
Vasanti Victorina Volva
Vasati Victorine Vonda
Vashishta Victory Vondra
Vashonne Vicuska Vonni
Vashti Vida Vonnie
Vashtika Vidalia Vor
Vasihnava Vidgdis Voula
Vasilia Vidhu Voulomaga
Vasilija Vidhubala Vow
Vasiliki Vidhusahani Vrai
Vasilisa Vidhut Vreneli
Vasilissa Vidu Vrenelia
Vasilka Vidula Vreni
Vasima Vidushi Vridhi
Vasiona Vidya Vrishti
Vassy Vidyuta Vritika
Vasudha Vienna Vritti
Vasudhara Viera Vruchika
Vasumati Vierra Vrunda
Vasundhara Vierre Vrushti
Vasylyna Vigdis Vrushtika
Vatrosalva Vigdisa Vrutti
Vatsala Vigdise Vulpine
Vatsha Vigora Vy
Vatusia Vigya Vyakhya
Vaughn Viha Vyamini
Vauneda Vihana Vyga
Vava Viheke Vyni
Vayla Viiu Vyoma
Vea Viivi Vyomini
Veann Vijaya Vyusti
Veatriki Vijayalakshmi Vyvienne
Veda Vijul Vaeda 
Vivianna  Violetta  Vayda 
Vivien  Vania Violett
Verona Viviann Vanna
Valarie Vaida Vivianne
Vella Viana Valen
Viviane Veyda Varnika
Vela  Videl  Valley 
Valorie  Veeksha  Vrinda 
Vung Vaya Vivica
Valery Vermont Virginnia
Vandelia Vieda Vincentina
Vally Vincetta Vinni
Voncile Vikie Virgena
Verneta Valoris Vincenzia
Verly Virgine Vincentia
Veronic Velva Vannie

Victoria, Vanessa, Vivian, are some of the most common American girl names that come into our mind when we think about names starting with ‘V.’ But you don’t need to go with names that have been known for ages, you may choose something new and unique!

That’s why we have come up with a selection of 550 names starting with V, which you may consider while choosing the right name for your little princess! Hope we gave you enough inspiration to choose a baby girl name that starts with V. We wish you all the best for the name hunt and for your parenting journey ahead.

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