50 Tree Names For Boys And Girls

We, as parents, always look for baby names that are unique, meaningful, and inspirational. Take, for instance, nature names or tree-inspired names. Many of these are refreshing and lovely, while some others are soothing. Tree baby names for your baby boys and girls are growing well in popularity. These names have a character within-something that we wish our child to have as they grow up. Moreover, the tree is symbolic of life and beauty. Here is a list of tree baby names for boys and girls.

Tree Names for Baby Girls

1. Aspen

Although a unisex name, it is more popular as a girls’ name. The name is of American origin, and it means a ‘quaking tree.’

2. Acacia

One of the unique tree names for girls, it is a Greek flower. The name refers to someone’ honourable’. It is an attractive name for your princess.

3. Alameda

The name is the English variant of Ashlyn, meaning ‘ash Tree Lake.’ However, as a Native American Indian name, it means ‘grove of cottonwood.’

4. Alyvia

The name is of Spanish origin that means ‘olive tree.’ The name ‘Olivia’ is its Latin form and once made famous by William Shakespeare in this novel ‘Twilight Night.’

5. Banyan

Different and appealing, Banyan is an Indian fig tree that has relevance in the Hindu religion as well. How about this beautiful name for your baby?

6. Barbossa

Derived from the Barbosa’s palm, it is a typical baby girl name in Latin America. There are a few towns with the same name.

7. Beech

The name has a Norman origin and refers to a person who lives near a prominent tree by the ocean. Another girl name meaning tree that you can consider for your baby.

8. Chaney

This name is an excellent choice for parents looking for a nature-inspired name for their girl. It is a French name.

9. Defne

Here is a widespread nature-inspired name for baby girls in Turkey. The name refers to ‘laurel tree or bay tree.’

10. Elswyth

It means ‘elf from the willow trees.’ This Anglo-Saxon name will be a suitable name for your baby girl.

11. Ellery

It is an English baby name that means ‘joyous.’ Another interpretation of the name refers to someone who ‘lives by the Alder Tree.’

12. Figueroa

It is another pretty name of Spanish origin that means ‘fig tree.’

13. Ghusun

It is an Arabic name which means ‘branches of a tree.’ A rather uncommon name for a baby girl, but its unique sound is appealing.

14. Hana

You wish your baby girl all the happiness of the world. Therefore, this name is apt for her, as it means ‘blossom.’

15. Hazel

The name comes from an Old English word ‘haesel.’ It has remained a popular name through the 19th and 20th Centuries. It refers to the ‘hazel tree or the nut.’

16. Hollee

It is a classic English name for baby girls. It is a common name for Christmas babies. It means ‘the holly tree.’ How about this for your baby girl?

17. Ivie

A variant of Ivy, this Old English name refers to a beautiful ornamental plant. Isn’t your daughter as exquisite as this name?

18. Illana

Illana is a Hebrew feminine name that means ‘oak tree.’ There are several famous personalities with the same name. It has been throughout the renowned name of the 20th Century.

19. Juniper

Here is a name that smells of nature. Juniper is a shrub that seems to be full of energy. Adopt this trendy name for your daughter.

20. Kazia

The name has a Hebrew origin, and it refers to ‘a bark of cinnamon.’ The name has a distinctness that one cannot ignore.

21. Lindsay

It is a name that means ‘from the island of the lime tree.’ It is a Gaelic name for girls and a popular one in Europe.

22. Lakisha

It’s a Hebrew origin name that means ‘cassia tree.’ The English variant of this name refers to ‘joy and happiness.’

23. Lorena

It is another beautiful name that you can choose for your little princess. It refers to ‘the laurel tree’ that symbolizes victory and respect.

24. Lilac

This one name is getting popular as once was with Lily or Violet. Get this fragrant name for your daughter, and everyone around will admire it.

25. Willow

Referring to the ‘willow tree,’ the moniker has grace. It makes an ideal name for your baby girl.

Tree Names For Baby Boys

Tree Names For Baby Boys

Check out these fantastic tree names for boys:

1. Ackley

It’s an English name that means ‘oak meadow.’ It is the right name for your baby boy as the name symbolizes strength and endurance.

2. Adair

It is an Irish origin name that means ‘oak grove.’ In English, the name refers to ‘fortunate or powerful.’ Wish your child good fortune with this name.

3. Aesctun

This baby boy’s name means ‘from the Ash tree farm.’ A unique sounding name for your boy.

4. Ashly

It is a name from the Old English that refers to someone’ living in the Ash tree grove.’

5. Bruce

The name has a reference in the 14th-century folklore about the King of Scotland, who learned the value of handwork from a spider spinning its web. This famous name from Scotland means ‘willow woods.’

6. Burleigh

It is a classic English name meaning ‘a person who lives at the Castle’s Meadow.’

7. Chane

It is a French baby boy name meaning ‘oak hearted.’ It is another suitable baby name inspired by trees.

8. Cedar

Consider this aromatic name for your son. It is the name of the wood and yet sounds a little elegant.

9. Cornel

It is a Latin name that refers to ‘horn or hornblower.’ It is a popular name in Romania.

10. Elon

All over the world, there are around 600 types of an oak tree. Their leaves are in red, white and black in colour. Elon is a Hebrew name that means ‘oak tree.’

11. Garrick

It is a French name meaning ‘oak tree grove.’ It is considered fortunate and miraculous as only a single oak tree grows out of nearly 10,000 acorns.

12. Harac

The name has a Czech origin that means ‘from the ancient oak tree.’ It is a classic choice for your boy.

13. Haslet

The name has a Celtic origin and refers to a person ‘from the hazel tree land.’

14. Hollis

This English name comes from the word ‘holegn.’ It refers to a person who is the ‘dweller of the holy trees.’

15. Iwdael

This unique English baby name for boys means ‘from the Yew Tree Valley.’ If looking for an exclusive name for your baby boy, then this name is perfect.

16. Linden

It is a popular name for boys in Croatia and Poland. It is a Slavic name that finds a mention in their mythology. It is considered a sacred tree in their culture.

17. Lapu

It is a Native American Indian baby boy name that means ‘cedar bark.’

18. Lindley

It is a German name and also the name of the place near Bavaria. It means ‘from the Linden tree meadow.’

19. Palmer

It is a Latin origin English name that has a reference to ‘pilgrims.’ There were times when pilgrims were called ‘palmers’ as they brought back palm leaves after they visited the Holy Land.

20. Perye

It is one of the sweet and short baby names meaning tree. It means ‘from the pear tree.’

21. Rowan

It is a Celtic name that is considered as ‘the tree of life,’ in their mythology. This pant is known to bring good luck.

22. Quesnel

It is a French name that means ‘from the little Oaktree.’

23. Selyyn

It is a Greek name derived from the word ‘Sylvanus.’ It refers to the mythological Greek God of trees.

24. Stockley

It is an Old English name. It means someone who ‘lives near a wooded clearing.’ The name comes from the old English words’ stock’ and ‘Leah.’

25. Tamir

It is both a Hebrew and an Arabic name. In ancient times it refers to a person who has a plentiful supply of dates. The name means someone who ‘owns palm trees.

With these nature-inspired names based on trees, you may be a trendsetter in your community. These names are pretty and sure to suit your baby boy or girl. Each name has a perfect meaning and a beautiful sound to it. Pick one for your baby today.

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