Top 80 Puerto Rican Girl Names With Meanings

80 Remarkable Puerto Rican Baby Names for Girls

The first thing that you add to your checklist is – finding the right name. The rest will follow over a course. Parents are making a beeline for beautiful names that sound nice, have the correct meaning and will resonate with the persona of their child. Gone are the days when people named their children after the most popular ones. Parents now want their children to have names that will stand out in the classroom and at work and ones that will also create an identity for their children for the rest of their lives. Recently, Puerto Rican female names are in the trend. These names are pleasant and adventurous. To name the effort of picking the best one out easier, we did the homework for you and compiled popular Puerto Rican girl names suitable for your baby girl.

Cute and Unique Puerto Rican Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Puerto Rico is often known as ‘The Land of Enchantment.’ The word Puerto Rico means ‘rich port.’ It is a beautiful island that is home to Latin Americans, also known as Hispanics. The names of Puerto Ricans are different and are traditional names. The reason behind this is that Puerto Rico is a confluence of the influence of many different cultures. They have inherited the traits of various cultures to name their children with creative and unique names. The Puerto Rico of today is a mixture of inhabitants with African, Caucasian, Hispanic or a blend of all heritage. So if you are looking for Puerto Rican girl names for your lovely daughter, then read on to find some exciting names with their meanings. We have selected the best pick for your baby.

Name Meaning
Abril Perfect for girls born in ‘April,’ it means the month ‘April’ too.
Acindina There is not much of a possibility that you have heard this original name. Acindina is a Puerto Rican name and means ‘safe.’ It can be shortened to Acind or Dina.
Adelaida It may sound English, but the name has a Puerto Rican origin to it and means ‘noble.’ So if you are looking for a contemporary yet traditional name, then this is a perfect choice.
Adriana This cool-sounding name comes from the name of a northern Italian city, Adria. It is the feminine version, thus Adriana.
Alondra The name means ‘lark.’ Alondra was a Latin Grammy-nominated artist and was a teenage idol in the 1980s.
Annalisse A Puerto Rican is a name which means ‘devoted to God.’ The name must be pronounced as ‘anna-lee-see’ to make it sound romantic.
Antonella This is a widely popular Puerto Rican girl name that means ‘firstborn.’
Amaia The name is of Spanish origin and means ‘high place or end.’ The name originates from a Spanish mountain and the village of Amaya.
Asianah The name Asianah means a ‘smart, strong and bright girl,’ and will do wonders if you name your child the same.
Beatriz The name means ‘brings joy.’ It’s a very popular name for girls, and its meaning is very fitting for your daughter who will bring joy to the family.
Benita The name means ‘blessed,’ and you could not find another appropriate modern and stylish name with a Puerto Rican origin.
Brianna Brianna is a magical name of Celtic origin. It means ‘noble’, ‘high’, and ‘exalted’.
Brissa Brissa is a cool name from the bucket of Bri- beginning names.
Camila The name Camila is inspired by Camilla in Roman mythology. Camilla was the fast-footed huntress who ran over a field without bending even a blade of grass.
Carleigha The name means ‘little’ and has a great appeal to it. The name has a Puerto Rican elan and sounds pleasant and clean.
Carmen This is a bold and strong name for girls. In Latin, the meaning of this name is ‘son’.
Clarita Clarita’ is such a sweet choice for your perfect baby girl. The name means ‘clear and bright’ and is a trendy Puerto Rican name.
Constanza The name means constant and adds a Hispanic flair to your baby’s identity. It is derived from Constance and Constantine.
Daniela Daniela is a worldly name of Hebrew and French origins. It means ‘God is my judge’.
Delfia Delfia is a pleasant and cute female given name of Latin origin. In Latin, it means ‘dolphin’.
Dukine Dukine means ‘sweet,’ and would be the perfect fit for your sweet little baby girl.
Edelira The name means ‘noble heritage’ and is a perfect choice if you are looking for something classy, elegant and regal.
Elena Elena is a Spanish name for ‘shining light’ or ‘bright’. The name was popular after the hit TV series – The Vampire Diaries.
Eva A short of the name Ivelisse, Eva is a cute and apt name for outgoing personalities. It means ‘life’.
Fausta Fausta is a Latin-origin name which means ‘fortune’ and ‘lucky’.
Floramaria The name has a religious connection to it and means ‘flower of Mary.’
Gabriela Gabriela is a popular Puerto Rican name. This Spanish and Italian-origin name means ‘God is my strength’.
Genevalisse A name of French origin it means the ‘Juniper tree.’ A lovely name which you can shorten it to Gene or Valisse as nicknames.
Hailey The name has a beautiful lilt and means “ meadow of hay.’
Henar Henar is a unique and amazing name, meaning ‘hay field’.
Hermosa It is possible that you might have heard the name Hermosa many times. It’s because it has been popular for decades and is coming back. It means ‘beautiful’.
Idoya This name is such a beautiful sounding name and means ‘pond.’
Isabella It is a regal and classy name. It is one of the most famous names in Puerto Rico and is of Spanish origin.
Ivanna Ivanna is an angelic name and could be perfect for your daughter. It means ‘God is gracious’.
Ivelisse A beautiful name, it means ‘life’ and is of Spanish origin. More so, there can be many nicknames to this one- Iva, Eva or Lisse. Ivelisse represented Cuba in the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in 1969.
Jadzia A precious gemstone in Puerto Rican, this name can be shortened to two nicknames – ‘Jad’ and ‘Zia.’
Jaslene The name belongs to the famous Puerto Rican model and television host- Jaslene Gonzalez and sound traditional. One of the best Puerto Rican names with ‘j.’
Jesusa We all know the mighty god Jesus. But what about his feminine version, as many consider it? Jesusa is a feminine version of Jesus in Spanish.
Josephine Another popular and sweet name for baby girls. Josephine in Spanish means ‘Jevoha will increase’.
Kamila Kamila in Latin means ‘helper to the priest’.
Karelma The name derives its meaning from the old German word that means ‘free’ and sounds unique and exotic.
Kemena This name is one of the favorites as it looks unique and means ‘strong.’
Leah Leah could be a suitable name for a girl child who has pleasant and delicate features. The name in Hebrew means ‘delicate’.
Leala If you want to grow your child into an honest and faithful person, this is just the name for her. Leala in French means ‘loyal’ and ‘faithful’.
Lluvia Lluvia means ‘rain.’ Lluvia is a beautiful name for a baby girl who is born during the rainy season.
Luisa Meaning ‘fame’ this name will set your daughter apart.
Maitea A lilting name that means ‘love.’ It is a perfect choice for your tot which will spread love in your lives.
Mamee Mamee is a female version of Mateo. The name belongs to Latin and Greek and means ‘pearl’.
Maria A classic Spanish name, Maria means ‘beloved’.
Melosa Sounds straight out a fairy tale and means ‘sweet.’ You can use the nickname ‘Mel’ which seems equally nice.
Nalda Another name that means ‘strong,’ it is a different moniker and unheard of.
Neva If you love the snow then ‘Neva’ is a strong contender. The name is of Puerto Rican origin and is perfect for a winter baby.
Novia Novia is a Lating origin name which means ‘new’.
Ora Short, sweet and complete the name means ‘prayer.’
Osana Osana is a popular name among Puerto Ricans. In Hebrew, it means ‘God save us’.
Osita This cute name means ‘divinely strong.’ Naming your daughter Osita gives her the needed blessing with strength.
Paloma We know your daughter is the most precious thing in the world. Paloma in Latin means ‘Dove’, a beautiful and precious bird.
Paula Paula has been popular decades back and could prove a positive comeback. In Latin, it means ‘small’.
Ramona The name means ‘wise defender.’ If you want your daughter to grow up as a saviour and protector, then this is the ideal choice.
Rosalinda A fairytalelike name, Rosalinda means ‘fair rose’.
Simona This divine name means ‘God is heard.’ An austere name you can be sure of the divine providence of the Lord.
Sofia Sofia is a cute Puerto Rican name which means ‘wise’.
Tabora Tabora in Puerto Rican refers to ‘someone who plays a small drum’.
Teofila The name means ‘God’s friends.’ Now you cannot find a pretty name with an even more beautiful meaning.
Tierra Sound like a tiara, but it means ‘earth.’ So if you love the planet and want your daughter to remind her of her roots, then pick this one.
Tonia It means ‘invaluable’ and the best choice for your peace of heart. You could also modify it to Antonia and use Tonia as a nickname.
Ursulina The name sounds magnificent and means ‘little bear.’
Valeria A variation of Valerie, it means ‘strong’ in Latin. The name originates from the ancient Roman name Valerius that was popular among Christian saints.
Valentina Another Latin name that means ‘strong,’ the name is accessible in several countries. Although global, it is most prevalent in Puerto Rico.
Vittoria You want your little one to be victorious in every endeavour, then pick this name which means ‘victor.’
Xaviera A feminine version of Xavier, Xaviera means ‘splendid’ and ‘bright’.
Xiomara You want to raise your girl as a fighter with an indomitable spirit, then go for Xiomara. It means ‘famous warrior.’
Xantina Another name for a firm believer in the blessings of the divine, the name means ‘little saint.’
Yaelis Meaning ‘strength of God,’ you are empowering your girl with the much-needed courage right from her birth.
Yara This Exotic name means ‘water lady’ in Brazilian.
Yuliana The name means ‘youthful’ and adds the perfect spunk to bring your girl as the Gen X kind.
Zantina Zantina is a unique female given name of Spanish origin. It means ‘little saint’.
Zita The name means ‘little girl’ and an ideal choice for your daughter who will always remain the apple of your eye.
Zoe A cute and cool name, perfect for Gen-Zs. Zoe in Greek means ‘life’.
Zurina Pristine, divine and heavenly, the name means ‘white.’

Culture and tradition have always played a strong influence on naming children, and the Puerto Rican way of naming their children is no exception. If you belong to any of the cultures that exist in Puerto Rico, then this exhaustive list of names could help you name your baby.

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