130+ Colombian Girl Names & Their Meanings

Colombian names for girls are all the rage right now. They are fantastic, elegant, cool, and classy. If you are looking for a fantabulous name, then you must try these Colombian names for girls. As names make the first impression, it is also important to understand their meanings. The database of Colombian baby girl names can help to indicate their ethnicity, nationality, religion, or position within a family or even the society. Moreover, they are in vogue and can inspire parents-to-be on their baby-naming journey.


Popular Columbian Baby Girl Names

A baby girl is a blessing of our life that needs to be gifted with a beautiful name by all parents. However, it may not always be easy to choose the right name for your little angel. A name is used to identify a child and establish individuality in the crowd. In case you’re in awe of the beautiful names of Columbian girls and want to replicate them for your little princess, it is important to dig into their interesting backstory as well. Colombian girl names originate from America, Africa, and Europe. Spanish traditional names are widely popular in Columbia due to the influence of Hispanic culture person’s first name is usually followed by the paternal and maternal family names according to the Spanish naming convention. People may have two personal names, although the second name does not necessarily indicate gender. A Colombian woman doesn’t have to take her husband’s name after marriage. She may retain her original family names, replace her maternal family name with her husband’s paternal name or add her husband’s paternal name to the end of her full name with ‘e’ to conjoin it. As most Colombians are Roman Catholics by religion, people also prefer Biblical names.

Here is a compilation of the popular girl names in Colombia with suitable meanings that represent class and elegance.


1. Abigail

Derived from Hebrew origin, Abigail is a Biblical name that means ‘father’s joy.’

2. Acacia

Derived from Greek origin Acacia refers to the ‘thorny tree.’


3. Angie

This Greek name means ‘messenger of god.’

4. Alejandra

A female name version of Alexander, Alejandra means ‘defender of mankind.’ Alexander is the Latin of the Greek name Alexandros.


5. Barbara

Derived from the Greek word Barbaros, Barbara means ‘foreign’ or ‘stranger.’


6. Beatrice

Derived from Latin origin, Beatrice means ‘one who blesses others.’


7. Bridget

Derived from Gaelic and Irish origin, Bridget means ‘vigour’ or ‘strength.’


8. Cadence

This name of English origin means’ ‘rhythmic flowing.’


9. Camila

Derived from Latin origin, Camila means ‘young ceremonial attendant.’

10. Daniela

This name of Spanish origin meaning “God is my judge.’


11. Daisy

This Old English name refers to the ‘flower’” symbolising innocence or the ‘day’s eye.’

12. Davina

Derived from Scottish and Hebrew origin, Davina means ‘beloved.’


13. Dulce

Dulce means  ‘sweet’ in Latin.

14. Elena

This name of Greek origin means ‘sunray.’


15. Elizabeth

Elizabeth comes from Elisheva, which means ‘My God is an oath’  in Hebrew.

16. Emi Lux

Emi Lux is a spectacular compound name with a modish feel to it. While Emi comes from Emilia, which means ‘hardworking’, Lux means ‘light’.

17. Eymi Lee

This name just tugs at our heartstrings! Eymi refers to ‘beloved’, while Lee means ‘meadow.’

18. Fani Lux

If you are looking for something fresh-out-of-a-magazine-look, then Fani Lux could be the new obsession! Fani means ‘free’, and Lux means ‘light.’


19. Fiona

This name of Irish and Gaelic origins means ‘fair.’

20. Faye

This Old English and Old French name means `belie’ or ‘fairy.’


21. Felicia

This name of Latin origin means ‘fortunate.’

22. Gabrielle

This chic Hebrew name means ‘devoted to God.’


23. Georgia

This name of Greek and Latin origin means  ‘earth-worker.’

24. Genevieve

Derived from German and Celtic origin, Genevieve means ‘woman of the rac.’

25. Gracie

Gracie in Latin means ‘blessing.’

26. Hazel

This Old English name refers to ‘the hazelnut tree.’


27. Heidi

Derived from Old German origin, Heidi means ‘of noble birth.’

28. Isabella

This Hebrew name means ‘God’s promise.’


29. Irene

The mythological name refers to ‘the Greek Goddess of peace.’

30. Iris

This Greek name means ‘rainbow.’


31. Janelle

This American name means ‘God is gracious.’

32. Janna

This Hebrew name means ‘God is gracious.’


33. Jose

Derived from Hebrew origin, Jose is also the Spanish and Portuguese version of Joseph, which means ‘he shall add.’

34. Julia

Julia in Latin means’ ‘youthful.’

35. Kaela

Kaela has Irish, Hebrew, Hawaiian, and Gaelic origin and means `the laurel crown”.

36. Kaia

Kaia in Hawaiian means ‘the sea’ whereas in German it means ‘the earth.’

37. Karla

Karla means ‘strength’ in Scandinavian.

38. Lia Luz

Lia Luz is another voguish girl name meaning ‘hardworking’ and ‘light.’

39. Lorena

This name of Spanish, Portuguese, English, Brazilian and Italian origin means ‘Laurel wreath-crowned.’

40. Lina

This name of Greek origin means ‘sunlight.’

41. Luciana

This Latin name means ‘light.’

42. Mady Luz

For a casual yet bold look, try Mady Luz. While Mady stands for ‘maiden’, Luz stands for ‘light.’

43. Maria

This name of Latin origin means ‘sea’ or ‘bitter.’

44. Maria Celeste

Maria Celeste is the epitome of elegance. Maria means ‘beloved’, and Celeste means ‘celestial.’

45. María Fernanda

If you have a little adventurer at your home who does not shy away from exploring the house on her own, then this would suit her pretty well. Maria means ‘beloved’, and Fernanda means ‘adventurous.’

46. Maria Paula

For a humble baby, we found the most humble and elegant name. While Maria stands for ‘beloved’, Paula means ‘humble’ or ‘small.’

47. Maria Victoria

Maria can be paired with anything, and it would look good, but Maria with Victoria would look fantastic! Maria means ‘beloved’, and Voctoria means ‘victory.’

48. Milena

This name of Slavic origin means  ‘Gracious’, ‘pleasant’, or ‘dear.’

49. Maeve

This name of Gaelic and Irish origin means ‘intoxicating.’

50. Mia

Mia in Italian means ‘mine.’ It is also a derivation of the Slavic word Mila meaning ‘dear.’

51. Natalie

This Latin name means ‘Christmas day.’

52. Nadia

This name of English and French origin means `hop.’

53. Naomi

This common Jewish name of Hebrew origin means ‘pleasant one.’

54. Olivia

This name of Latin origin means ‘olive tree.’

55. Paola

This name of Latin origin means ‘small’.

56. Phoebe

This name of Greek origin means ‘radiance.’

57. Raquel

Raquel is a Spanish and Portuguese version of the name Rachael and means ‘innocent.’

58. Raya

This exotic name of Israeli origin means ‘friend’.

59. Rebekah

This Hebrew name means’ ‘to bind.’

60. Sofia

Sofia in Greek means’  ‘wisdom’.

61. Sara

Sara comes from the Greek name Sarah, meaning ‘princess.’

62. Sara Eli

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind name for your little princess, then try Sara Eli. While Sara stands for ‘princess’, Eli means ‘elevated.’

63. Sol Amy

Sol Amy is a cool-ish name which means ‘sun’ + ‘beloved’, respectively.

64. Tatiana

Tatiana in Russia means  ‘princess’.

65. Tyra

This name of Celtic and Scandinavian origin means ‘God of battle’.

66. Valentina

Valentina in Russian and Italian means ‘healthy’, ‘strong.’

67. Veronica

Veronica means ‘victory’ and has a Latin origin.

68. Vian Ka

Vian Ka is a rare girl’s name and means ‘sparkle of life.’

69. Wendy

This English name means ‘friend’.

70. Willow

This English name means ‘freedom’.

71. Yesenia

This name of Spanish origin means ‘palm tree’ and ‘jasmin.’

72. Zara

This name of Arabic and Hebrew origin means ‘radiance.’

73. Zoe Mar

While Zoe means ‘life’, Mar stands for ‘the sea.’

Common Columbian Names for Baby Girl

1. Ada

Ada is a short and cute version of the German names Adelaide or Adeline. The meaning of Ada is ‘nobility.’

2. Adella

Similar to the German names Adelaide and Adeline, Adella does not leave behind in popularity. The beautiful name means ‘noble.’

3. Adria

If your little one has born at night, then it would suit her. A cute version of the name Adriana, the Latin name Adria means ‘dark.’

4. Alicia

Alicia is a common girl’s name derived from the German name Adalheid. It means ‘noble.’

5. Alina

If your little one is fierce with bold energy, then try the name, Alina. This Armenian name has stood time and is still popular. It means ‘strong-willed.’

6. Amira

Amira is a cute and elegant baby girl name, meaning ‘princess’.

7. Antonella

A rare gem of a name, Antonella comes from Italy and means ‘firstborn.’

8. Antonia

This wonderful-sounding name has Latin and Roman origins and means ‘priceless.’

9. Ayla

If you want something cool with no baggage, try the name, Ayla. The Hebrew name stands for ‘halo.’

10. Belle

If you have read or watched Beauty and the Beast multiple times, then you need no introduction to the protagonist and the Disney princess, Belle. The name means ‘beautiful’ in Italian.

11. Bianca

Bianca is a jolly name which will suit happy personalities. Derived from the Italian word Blanche, the name means ‘white.’

12. Brienne

Brienne is a popular name originating from the Celtic, Irish, and Gaelic regions. The meaning of the name is ‘noble.’

13. Brielle

Carved from the name Gabriella, Brielle is a spectacular name that means ‘heroine of God’ in Hebrew.

14. Bryn

Works great for both genders; Bryn is a fresh-out-of-the-closet name, meaning ‘hill’ or ‘mountain.’

15. Constanza

Constanza is a beautiful Latin name meaning ‘steadiness.’

16. Cali

There is nothing more beautiful than a little baby girl. Cali is a wonderful and short baby name, meaning ‘beautiful.’

17. Carina

This Latin name means ‘beloved.’

18. Dana

Rarely found, Dana is a generous name of Hebrew origin. The name stands for ‘God is my judge.’

19. Ciara

The name Ciara isn’t recognised for the awesomeness it possesses. The name means ‘black.’

20. Charlene

If you have seen your little one’s independent traits, then this one would be apt for her. The name means ‘free man.’

21. Cynthia

Cynthia is a Greek name which means ‘from the mountains of Cynthus.’

22. Deborah

Parents fond of nature and wildlife can try this name. Deborah means ‘bee.’

23. Desirae

Desirae seems classic with a modern finish. The French name stands for ‘much desired.’

24. Dominique

A feminine counterpart to the Latin hotpot Dominic, the name has stolen many hearts. Dominique means ‘Lord.’

25. Ella

Ella is a cute German name, meaning ‘beautiful fairy woman.’

26. Emilia

Extracted from the Latin name Aemilia, the name is very popular and needs no branding. It means ‘strength.’ Emilia Clarke is a decorated actress known for her impressive role in Game of Thrones.

27. Emma

Emma is a cute and common name which means ‘universal.’ From popular sitcoms like Friends to Jane Austen’s novel Emma, the name has made its place in everyone’s hearts.

28. Erin

Erin is a gender-neutral name of Irish origin. The name means ‘from the west.’

29. Eunice

If you are looking for something different, Eunice is a great choice. The name means ‘good victory.’

30. Eva

An outstanding variant of the traditional name Eve, Eva means ‘life.’

31. Faith

Faith is a beautiful and inspiring name for your daughter.

32. Francesca

From the land of France’ is the meaning of the wonderful name Francesca. The name has its roots in French and Italian regions.

33. Gabriella

This postcard-worthy girl’s name of Hebrew origin means ‘devoted to God.’

34. Gemma

Similar to Emma, Gemma has the potential to be a show-stopper. The name means ‘gem’ in Italian.

35. Gwynyth

We are sure you must be reminded of the talented actress Gwynyth Paltrow. This exquisite name belongs to Welsh and means ‘happiness.’

36. Hailee

Hailee is a topographical name for a person living near a ‘hay meadow.’

37. Hana

Hana is a quintessential name with selective grace. The name has several origins, including Spanish, Arabic, and Slavic, and means ‘flower.’

38. Helen

Helen is a vintage name of Greek origin and means ‘shining light.’

39. Hope

Hearing this name will surely create a positive aura. Hope is an Old English name suitable for girls.

40. Iluminada

This unique Spanish name means ‘illuminated.’

41. Isla

Isla is a beautiful topographical name referring to an island in Scotland.

42. Ivy

Whether it’s Ivy League or the Ivy plant, the name is catchy! Ivy belongs to Old English and Greek origins and refers to the Ivy plant, which symbolises eternal life.

43. Jacqueline

This Hebrew name is the feminine version of the name Jacob and means ‘one who supplants.’

44. Jaime

A Portuguese spin-off of the name James, Jaime is stylish and means ‘supplanter.’

45. Josephine

Josephine is a traditional name still standing today with sophisticated grace. The name means ‘Jehovah shall grow.’

46. Katerina

Katerina is a traditional name with loads of classiness to it. The name means ‘pure.’

47. Kiana

This Hawaiian and Irish name means ‘God is gracious.’

48. Kyra

From the land of Persia comes the exquisite name Kyra which stands for ‘the sun.’

49. Laila

Laila is a stylish and popular girl’s name all across the world. It means ‘dark’ or ‘night.’

50. Lara

Extracted from the Latin word Laire, Lara can make heads turn. The name means ‘protector.’

Unique Columbian Girl Names

You can also try these hidden and unique Colombian names for girls:

1. Jessica

Jessica is a Hebrew name created by Shakespeare for the character of a daughter of a Jewish merchant in the epic ‘The Merchant of Venice.’ The name means ‘God beholds.’

2. Laura

A feminine version of the Latin name Laurus, Laura refers to the ‘bay laurel plant.’

3. Natalia

Natalia is a popular girl’s name which stands for ‘Christmas day’ in Latin.

4. Yamile

A significant and unheard-of name, Yamile is the Spanish version of the Arabic name Jamila. The name means ‘beautiful.’

Beautiful and Cute Columbian Names for Girls

How about some cute yet popular female Colombian names that will make people’s heads turn.

1. Ana

Ana is a Spanish girl’s name and a popular derivation of names like Hannah and Annabelle. The name means ‘favoured grace.’

2. Angela

Angela or Angela is a captivating name which is the feminine version of Angelo, a messenger of God.

3. Catalina

Catalina is an exquisite name of Spanish origin which means ‘clean’ or ‘pure.’

4. Juliana

A feminine version of the name Julius, Juliana is also known as the Roman family name. The name means ‘youthful.’

5. Karen

Karen is a wonderful-sounding name, meaning ‘lotus or water lily.’

6. Lady

The name is odd but true. Lady is of Old English origin and refers to ‘bread kneader.’

7. Luisa

Luisa is a modish name of Italian origin which means ‘renowned warrior.’

8. Mary

Mary is a classic and vintage name, meaning ‘wished for child’, ‘rebelliousness’ or ‘beloved.’

9. Valeria

Valeria is a fantastic female name of Latin origin. The name stands for ‘strong’ and ‘to be strong.’

Parents looking for a way to honor their Colombian roots may choose to give pretty names that belong to Columbian women. Many are of them are cute names or unique, while others have an old-fashioned flavor that could be a powerful choice for your baby girl. Regardless of their appeal, a child should feel proud to be known by the name and her parent’s choice later in life.

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