50 Best Brazilian Baby Names For Boys

50 Best Brazilian Baby Names For Boys

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Several cultures around the world inspire adding a certain flair to your baby’s name. If you have a Brazilian connection and want to choose a Brazilian name for your baby boy, you have come to the right place. Brazil, as a country is full of culture and diversity! Most Brazilian names sound melodic, feisty and exotic. So, we’ve made a list of the 50 best names that are an ode to Brazilian culture!

Popular Brazilian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Brazil is the only country in South America that speaks Portuguese, and every Brazilian name has a Portuguese origin to it. Names in Brazil are also heavily influenced by Italian, Spanish, German and others. Children in Brazil get two names: one from their maternal side and the other from their paternal side. So take your pick of any of these beautiful names for your baby boy!

1. Abai

Abai means the River Nile and is of Amharic (Ethiopian) origin.

2. Abilo

This name means “One who is skilled and proficient in whatever he does”.

3. Afonso

Meaning “noble” and “ready”, this Brazilian name gives a nice regal touch.

4. Balduin

This name means brave friend. Honour and courage are the personality traits to look for in a person of this name.

5. Benison

Benison means a “blessing “or “benediction”.

6. Bietio

This name means blessed, one who has the blessings of the Almighty.

7. Christiano

The name means “Believer of Christ”.

8. Cipriano

The name has an Italian origin and means someone from Cyprus.

9. Delmo

The name means “noble protector”.

10. Domingos

A divine name, it means “belongs to the Lord”.

11. Duarte

This name means “guardian of prosperity”.

12. Eduardo

This name also means “guardian of prosperity”.

13. Eleuterio

This name is of Portuguese origin, and it means “the liberator”.

14. Eusebio

This name means “pious”.

15. Fabian

An old and famous name which means “Bean grower”.

16. Faron

The name means a “wanderer”.

17. Fayre

Just as it sounds, the name means “fair”.

18. Francisco

Another great sounding name, it means “hailing from France”.

19. Gasper

This name means “bearer of treasure”.

20. Gencio

The name means “one who loves his family”.

21. Gael

Short and sweet, the name means “someone from Ireland”.

22. Henrique

A royal name, it means “home-ruler”.

23. Horado

Of Spanish origin, the name means “timekeeper”.

24. Hayle

This is a rustic name that means “from the hay meadow”.

25. Inacio

This name means “the internal fire”.

26. Idal

The name means “from the yew tree valley”.

27. Ilar

Originating from Latin, the name means “cheerful”.

28. Indibil

It means “very dark-skinned” in Brazilian and is of Spanish origin.

29. Jaren

This sweet-sounding name means “to cry out”.

30. Jando

Of Spanish origin, the name has a musical lilt to it. It means “defender of mankind”.

31. Julio

Pronounced “Hulio”, the name means “descended from Jupiter”.

32. Josue

Of Portuguese origin, the name has a divine meaning to it. It means “God of salvation”.

33. Kaiser

Originated from German, it means “Emperor” and originates from the prestigious name of Caesar.

34. Keyton

Of English origin but very Brazilian in sound, the name means “where hawks fly”.

35. Leonardo

It means “as strong as the lion”.

36. Ligongo

It is a Brazilian term that means “who is this”.

37. Lucio

This name means “light”.

38. Mancio

Of Latin origin, the name means “one who foretells the future”.

39. Mateo

The name is of Spanish descent and means “gift of God”.

40. Naolin

The name means “Sun God of Mexico”. This is more of a unisex or non-gendered name.

41. Nicolau

A variant of Nicholas, the name means “victory of people”. This is a quite common name that occurs in many cultures and languages.

42. Octavio

This name means the “eighth”.

43. Ovidio

It is a rare name, and it means” sheepherder” and has Spanish origins.

44. Pascoal

Of Portuguese origin, the name means “Child of Easter”.

45. Rexford

The name means “the river crossing of the King”. The American spelling of this name is usually Rexforth.

46. Tristao

A variant of Tristan, the name means “tumultuous” or “an outcry”.

47. Ulisses

With the historical appeal, the name means “anger”, “wrathful”, or “hater”.

48. Vartan

This name means” from the green hill”. It also means “giver of roses”.

49. Yafeu

The name means “bold”. Yafeo, Yafeoh, and Yafeuh are some of variations of this wonderful name.

50. Zico

Short and sweet, this name means “strength and power”.

With deep origins, profound meanings and strong influences of various cultures, a Brazilian name could do wonders to your naming woes. Make this a fun experience with your spouse, and enjoy picking out an exotic name for your little one!

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