80 Boy And Girl Names That Mean Saviour

80 Boy And Girl Names That Mean Saviour

Every couple when hearing the good news of becoming parents gets to the task of choosing a perfect name for their little boy or girl. They want a name which should not be pretentious and are meaningful. A meaningful name is well accepted and suits the personality for the little ones as they grow up. There are a plethora of meaningful names available which sound beautiful and have incredible meaning. But as parents want their kids to be modest and virtuous as they grow up, so the name should also project the same image. So what better name than a name which means ‘saviour’, the perfect virtue every parent wants in their baby boy or girl.

A name which means saviour is strong and bold. It implies the person is the protector of his/her family, friends and everyone else around them. The names are interesting and add a strong feeling to the child’s personality. Such names command respect and admiration from the peers as well. 

When choosing a name for your baby, it is essential to choose one that has a significant meaning attached to it. It can sometimes get challenging to make a selection when you have so many choices around. But, if you have some idea of the type of name you want, selecting one can be a lot easier.

Names That Mean Saviour for Baby Boys

Parents search for a unique and virtuous name for their baby boy, which reflects positively and respectfully on his strong personality as he grows up. So naming your little boy with a unique name which means saviour ensures he will stand out in the crowd and his name will be bold like his personality. So choose a name form this list of some of the best boy names that mean saviour to ensure his name is unique.

1. Alexander

This classic name for boys means “saviour of the mankind”. The name has historical popularity too.

2. Dinanatha

This old-fashioned name is of Indian origin. The name means “saviour of the poor” and the perfect virtuous name for a little boy.

3. Elikai

This elegant boys name meaning “God is my saviour” is of Hebrew origin.

4. Elisai

Elisai is a Hebrew name. The name means “God is my saviour”.

5. Gaizka

Gaizka is a virtuous name meaning “saviour”. The inspiring name is the Basque word for a saviour.

6. Hoshea

Hoshea the Israel origin word is the variation of Joshua. This modern version also means “God is my saviour”.

7. Jesus

Jesus, the popular name in Christianity, is an abbreviation of Joshua. The name has Latin and Spanish origin, and it means “God is my saviour”.

8. Joshua

The name of Hebrew origin has been one of the most famous names meaning “God is my saviour”.

9. Liam

The popular name of Irish descent means “unwavering saviour”.

10. Misham

This stylish boys name meaning “their saviour” is from the Old Testament.

11. Nagpal

This holy name of Indian origin means “saviour of serpents”.

12. Najjad

This name meaning “saviour” is of Arabic origin.

13. Oshea

Oshea is an elegant boys name of Biblical origin meaning “saviour”.

14. Pedahzur

This unique name means “powerful or reliable saviour”. The name is from the Old Testament.

15. Sal

Sal is a small variation of Salvatore. The name of English, Hebrew, American and Spanish origins means “saviour”.

16. Salvino

This elegant name is the Latin word for “protector or saviour”.

17. Salvatore

This Spanish origin popular boys name means “saviour”.

18. Sosthenes

Sosthenes is a beautiful name meaning “saviour” and is from the Bible.

19. Soterios

This Greek name means “saviour and powerful”.

20. Taarank

This exotic name meaning “saviour of all” is of Indian origin.

21. Vaikuntha

This classic and traditional Indian origin name means “the saviour”.

22. Wanikiy

This tribal name for a saviour is of Native American origin.

23. Xabat

Xabat meaning “saviour” is a stylish boys name of Spanish origin.

24. Xalvador

This Spanish origin name meaning “saviour” is perfect for a strong personality boy.

25. Xavier

This Latin origin name meaning “saviour” is a Basque name.

Names That Mean Saviour for Baby Girls

Names that Mean Saviour for Baby Girls

Every parent wants to name their little daughter with a name that is as vibrant and virtuous as her beautiful personality.  Choosing one of the baby names that mean saviour ensures the little girl will have a name which is meaningful and reflects positively on her character. Saviour baby names are becoming popular in parents of little girls as they are virtuous and imply the little girl when she grows up will be the protector and saviour of her family.

So choose from these beautiful and unique baby girls names for the perfect name for your darling daughter. 

1. Adalbjorg

This beautiful name of Icelandic origin is a combination of two Old Norse elements- adal meaning “noble” and Bjorn meaning “saviour or protector”.

2. Alejandra

This elegant female name is the variation of Alexandra. The name means “defender or saviour of mankind”.

3. Aminta

This stylish name meaning “saviour” is the Greek variation of Amynta.

4. Branislava

This famous Russian name of Slavic origin is the feminine variation of Bronsilav. The name means “glorious saviour”.

5. Claramond

This famous female moniker is of German origin and means “bright saviour or protector”.

6. Fadia

This beautiful female name is of Arabic origin and is derived from the word Fada. This unique name means “saviour”.

7. Hashna

This Indian origin name means “saviour”.

8. Hola

This elegant name meaning “saviour” is of African origin.

9. Lutgardis

This old fashioned yet elegant female name is the Latin word for german name Luitgard. The name means “saviour”.

10. Medusa

This feminine variation of Medus, a Greek name meaning “saviour or guardian”. The name is derived from Gorgon, a Greek mythology character.

11. Moke

This Hawaiian female name means “saviour”.

12. Najia

This uncommon Arabic female name means “protector or saviour”.

13. Nio

Nio is a short and sweet female meaning “saviour of Choctaw origin.

14. Olakeakua

This unique name is of Hawaiian descent and means “living god or saviour god”.

15. Osha

Osha is an elegant female name of Iroquois origin meaning “dew eagle saviour”.

16. Ramona

Ramona is the feminine variation of Spanish origin name Ramon meaning “wise saviour or protector”.

17. Ratchika

It is an Indian origin female name meaning “saviour”.

18. Salbatora

This female name is the variation of Salvator, a Spanish origin name meaning “rescuer or saviour”.

19. Salvadora

Salvadora is a Spanish origin female name meaning “saviour”.

20. Sanda

This name is the feminine variation of Sandu, a Romanian name meaning “defender or saviour of the mankind”.

21. Sela

This sweet African origin name means “saviour”.

22. Sopatra

This famous female name meaning “father’s saviour” is of Old Greek origin.

23. Tarnvir

Tarnvir is a beautiful Indian Punjabi name meaning “heroic saviour”.

24. Tersem

Tersem is a lovely sounding name meaning “perfect saviour”.

25. Xalbadora

This exotic female name is of Spanish origin and means “saviour”.

Unisex Names That Mean Savior for Baby

1. Alex

Alex is a short variation of the Greek word Alexander. It means ‘protector of mankind’ or ‘savior of mankind’.

2. Alger

Alger is a stylish unisex name with Anglo-Saxon roots. It means ‘elf spear’ and exudes a bold personality.

3. Arun

Arun is a unisex name that means ‘dawn’ and ‘enlightened’.

4. Brunhild

Brunhild is a German name for ‘ready for battle’.

5. Cahir

If you are looking for a one-in-a-million name for your little one, then you gotta try this name. Cahir is a unique name that means ‘warrior’ and ‘defender’.

6. Claremonde

Claremonde is a rarely used German name, meaning ‘light of the world’ and ‘protector’.

7. Ditiyahihi

Ditiyahihi is a rare name which is aanother name of Goddedd Lakshmi.

8. Evander

Sharing Scottish and Greek roots, Evander is a sophisticated name that means ‘strong man’ and ‘bow warrior’. Evander is also the name of a Trojan war hero of Greek and Roman mythology.

9. Gunhild

Gunhild is a Germanic name with plenty of variants. The meaning of this name is ‘war’.

10. Ingvild

Ingvild is a very unique name belonging to the Old Norse name Yngvildr which means ‘battle’.

11. Kimball

Well, Kimball is quite a popular name with different interpretations in different languages. In Old Welsh, it means ‘war chief’, in Anglo-Saxon, it means ‘leader of the warriors’; and in Celtic, it means ‘leader of men’.

12. Lois

Lois has a good fan following because of its mentions in fictional stories like that of Superman and pop culture. This short and sassy name means ‘superior’.

13. Ludvig

This Scandinavian boy’s name is a popular one worth giving a try! Ludvig means ‘famous warrior’.

14. Marcella

Marcella is a pleasant Latin name which means ‘warlike’ and ‘young warrior’.

15. Meredith

Meredith is an elegant gender-neutral name with Welsh roots. It means ‘great ruler’.

16. Mina

Mina is an exceptional Dutch name for ‘protector’.

17. Murdock

Pronounced as MUR-dok, this elegant name is derived from old Gaelic words: mur which means ‘sea’ and murchadh which means ‘sea warrior’.

18. Oman

Oman is certainly a noticeable name meaning ‘protector’, ‘friend’, and ‘helper’.

19. Patton

Patton is a fine English name, mostly preferred for boys, which means ‘fighter’s town’.

20. Philomena

Philomena is a classy name of Greek origin. The name means ‘friend of strength’.

21. Rainer

Rainer is a popular Germanic name with a badass vibe. The meaning of this name is ‘warrior’.

22. Raynor

Raynor is a stylish and somewhat modern-ish name that has several roots, including Scandinavian, Native American, and Old Norse. It means ‘wise warrior’.

23. Ritta

Ritta is an amazing feminine name. In Greek, it means ‘pearl’.

24. Ritza

Ritza is a sassy name of German origin. The meaning of this name is ‘noted savior’.

25. Sacha

Sacha is a kind of a variant of the Russian name Sasha. It means ‘defending warrior’.

26. Samaria

Samaria is a Hebrew word that means ‘watch tower’. This name could really accentuate an astute and bold personality.

27. Sandra

Having roots in beautiful Greece, Sandra means ‘protector’.

28. Tillie

A short version of an Old Germanic name Mathilda, Tillie is a catchy name which means ‘mighty in battle’.

29. Veerle

Taken from the old Germanic name Farahild, Veerle is a Dutch name that means ‘travel to battle’.

30. Ward

Ward is an occupational name derived from the Old English word warde which means ‘guard’.

It is understandable why so many parents now want to keep the right name for their little ones. The name with a virtue meaning ensures a well-meaning name will add value to their personality as they grow up. So choosing a name which means saviour, is an apt choice for parents.

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