Top 50 Jewel and Gemstone Names for Boys & Girls

80 Jewel and Gemstone Names for Girls and Boys

A name is the first gift that a parent gives to their child. They try their best to convey their love for their the little one by choosing an appropriate name for them. It shapes the kid’s first identity, which they carry throughout their life. So every parent needs to research thoroughly before choosing a name. This article  contains some great names for girls and boys that are related to jewels and gemstones.

Jewel and Gemstone Baby Girl Names with Meanings

There’s a certain charm with having a name that means jewel. These jewel and gemstone names for girls will ensure that your little girl name stands out!

1. Agate

There is a belief that people with this name can spread good vibes all around. This name can be shortened to Aggie to make a nickname.

2. Amber

This is one of the most popular names as women with this name are generally have a  warm and generous character.

3. Amethyst

It is a lovely name. This purple gem is a birthstone for those who are born in February.

4. Beryl

The uniqueness of the name puts it in the highly recommended list. It is the perfect name for your daughter.

5. Bijou

It is a short and sophisticated name with a European touch in it. In French, it means ‘jewel’. It can surely be one of the highly suggested names after a jewel or gemstone.

6. Carnelian

This stone is dark red and is very attractive. Carnelian can even be used as a middle name.

7. Coral

The name was first used during the Victorian era, but these days this name has been trending. Thus, you can consider choosing it for your child.

8. Crystal

Your daughter can easily flaunt her name and sparkle always. She can even have a short name or a nickname ‘Chris’. The name is quite cool and can easily be someone’s favourite.

9. Diamond

A baby is very precious, and by keeping her name Diamond, you can convey what she means to you. This name is also trending right now.

10. Emerald

It is one of the unique gemstone names for girls. This deep green stone is a sign of wisdom and love.

11. Esmeralda

It is a Spanish transformation of the word, Emerald, which is a precious stone. A daughter is precious to every parent, and this name represents the love parents have for their little one.

12. Gemma

The name sounds very classy and is quite popular in the UK and France. It is a precious stone as invaluable as your daughter is to you.

13. Goldie

This name is popular all over the world, but it is as evergreen and royal as always.

14. Hyacinth

We all know Hyacinth is a flower, but it is the name of a powerful gemstone too. It has the power to keep away all the negativity and thus, a girl with this name is a lucky charm for all.

15. Iolite

It is a blue gemstone that looks different under different lights and was used as a compass by Vikings. Therefore, people with this name can become good leaders.

16. Jewel

For every parent, their child is no less than a jewel, by naming her so one can convey their love and affection.

17. Lazuli

The name sounds very uncommon and is the name of a deep blue stone. It is also the word for “heaven” in Persian.

18. Lulit

This name from Ethiopian origin, means “pearl”.

19. Maggie

This popular girls name means “pearl”. It’s origin are traces back to Greece.

20. Olivine

Olivine is a green coloured stone, and it gets its name from the olive green appearance. Peridot is the gem-quality of Olivine.

21. Ophira

Ophira comes from the Bible. This feminine name means “gold”.

22. Pearl

It is a birthstone for those born in June. Although Pearl is a commonly heard name, it is evergreen.

23. Peggy

The name Peggy comes from Greeka and English origins. The meaning of this cute name is “pearl”.

24. Penina

This is a very recent name, mainly created for stylish kids. It can be one of the top listed in the most recent names.

25. Ruby

The name is one of the popular names in Australia. For every parent, their daughter is very precious, thus, naming her after a gemstone is a perfect idea.

26. Ruri

This sweet name means Lapis Lazuli, a gorgeous blue-green gemstone. It has a Japanese origin. 

27. Sapphire

The name contains the word fire. It is a trending baby girl name these days, and the word means “blue” in Hebrew. The birthstone of those born in September, Sapphire is a wonderful name for your little girl. 

28. Saffira

This baby name means “sapphire”.  It’s has a Portuguese origin. 

29. Soraya

In Arabic, it means ‘a jewel’. It is a classy name. It is a lovely baby girl name kept after the name of a gemstone.

30. Topaz

It is a very rare gemstone. Thus, giving your daughter this name makes her unique. This name even comes after a type of hummingbird.

31. Tourmaline

Of Sinhalese origin, the name Tourmaline means “colourful jewel”.

32. Ula

Though the name is short, its uniqueness and impact make it a recommendable baby girl name. The name means ‘a gemstone of the sea’.

33. Umina

This name has its origins in Japan. It means “emerald”.

34 Yari

A sweet Japanese baby girl name meaning “small gold jewelry”, this one is greta for parent that was names that are easy to spell and pronounce.

35. Zumra

Originating from Turkey, the meaning of this name is Emerald.

Jewel and Gemstone Baby Boy Names with Meanings

This is the list of some of the best baby boy names based on the names of jewel and gemstones, and you can refer to it to choose a name for your baby.

1. Abrik

The name comes from the land of India, and it means ‘one who is as precious as gold’.

2. Alexandrite

The stone names after Alexander II of Russia, this name adds a twist to the name Alexander and is perfect for your little boy.

3. Apatite

Don’t confuse it with the word appetite! This is one of the jewel-gem inspired baby names, which says that this person is determined to achieve his goals of life.

4. Citrine

A name of a beautiful yellow gemstone, this is one of the best baby boy names as boys named Citrine are expected to spread good luck and positive vibes all around them.

5. Emzar

This baby boy name means gold. This name is of Georgian origin.

6. Flint

This stone was used widely for making tools and starting fires in the early ages, and this name has gained a lot of popularity recently. You could give your baby boy this name.

7. Galena

This stone is known to balance a person’s emotions. The name sounds unique and exotic and is one of the highly recommended names.

8. Garnet

The birthstone of people born in the month of January, and is a unique name for your boy.

9. Gohar

This is an Indian name, widely used as it means ‘diamond’. For every parent, their son is no less than a precious diamond making this name the perfect one for your baby.

10. Jacinth

It is one of the rarely heard names that means a jewel. You can opt for this name for your little boy.

11. Jade

This beautiful baby boy name is of British origin and means precious stone.

10. Jadz

The name is kind of a short version of the name, Jaden. Jade is a stone that is known for love and nourishment.

11. Jasper

A stone that can have different colours, the name means ‘the Lord of treasures’ in Persian and so is your son.

12. Jett

It is a lump of black coal or the original form of a jewel. It blends perfectly with your little one’s pure soul. Your morals and teachings can turn him into a gem later in life.

13. Juliet

It is an exotic name which means precious, and for every parent, their son is the most precious. Thus, this name suits your son well.

14. Kin

Meaning “gold”, this name is of Japanese origin.

15. Mica

Mica is a Hebrew name. However, Mica is also a type of crystal.

16. Morganite

The name can be modified as Morgan or can be used as an uplifted version. It is an expensive sea mineral which has properties of emerald.

17. Neel

This baby boy name is derived from the Sanskrit word for blue. It means Blue Sapphire.

18. Obsidian


15. Ocean

This name comes from a stone known for its healing powers, and it is a very cool and classy name. You could add it to your list of possible names for your baby.

16. Onyx

It is a unique name. It is a short name, and it refers to a precious black gemstone and is a good name for your son.

17. Opal

Generally, it’s the birthstone for those who are born in October. Being a parent, you can choose this name as a blessing for your son. Though the name is short, it is very impactful.

18. Pietersite

This stone is a variety of Quartz and can be your baby’s name with Peter as his nickname. These individuals are sharp and are well-aware of their surroundings.

19. Quartz

Many do use this as their middle name as it increases the impact of the name. It sounds very sophisticated.

20. Silver

This name was used in the earlier days but is coming back in trend. Silver is a precious metal, just like your son is precious to you.

21. Slate

People with such a name have a kind of charm in them, and they can easily be the centre of attraction. This is one of the highly recommended gem names for a boy.

22. Sterling

For every parent there child is invaluable. Thus, the name suits well for your son as it refers to a high-quality metal. By opting for this name, you can convey to them their importance in your life.

23. Stone

Parents usually hope for their children to be strong and stout. Therefore, this name perfectly meets their expectations.

24. Tanishq

It is one of the trendy Indian names after gems and jewels.

25. Turquoise

The name comes from Turkey and is a rare stone. The uniqueness of this name makes it one of the precious gem baby names.


We understand that choosing a name is a tedious job, and thus, we hope our assistance might have been fruitful for you. Therefore, we wish you and your child a very good life ahead.

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