50 Easy & Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Kids

50 Acts of Kindness Ideas for Kids

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Parents generally tend to focus on providing the child with the right kind of education, the perfect school, and ensuring he learns the skills required to be a productive individual. However, there are rare times when a child’s social growth and compassionate behavior are put in focus as well. In today’s world, kindness is taking a backseat with most people preferring to be selfish and uncaring towards others. Here’s your chance to make the next generation better than us.

Why Are Random Acts of Kindness Important for Children?

Many believe that being kind actually makes you naive and gullible, leading you to lose out to competition in life. But studies show otherwise. Kids who are kind to other children around them are more readily accepted by their classmates. Everyone wants to be treated kindly and seeing someone as a kind person helps you form a bond with them. The instances of bullying, bunking school, and unfounded violence begin to fade away when the benefits of kindness start getting visible. The random acts of kindness help your child in understanding that a kind act should not be looked at as a deal or a trade. It should come from within, from the heart.

Ways to Teach Your Child the Importance of Kindness

To understand the best way of teaching kindness to children, activities can always be useful, but so can everyday behaviour that helps inculcate kindness as a way of life.

1. Lead By Example

The easiest way for your child to be a kind person is to see you be one. Children readily emulate various traits and habits of their parents. If you tend to behave rudely, your child will end up looking at the world from the same eyes. By behaving kindly with others, you set an example for your child to look up to and do the same in his life.

Lead By Example

2. Expand Their World

A child’s world is pretty small inside his head. His school, friends, toys, and family. That’s pretty much everything for him. This is why the concept of understanding random acts of kindness dawns a little late on them. Talk to them about the world and the people living in it. Open their eyes to other individuals in the school, the many people in the streets you cross daily, and let them know why kindness is so important today.

3. Make It a Habit, Not a Duty

Kids hate duties or chores and will do them simply to appease you. You wouldn’t want your kid to be kind just because you ask him to. This is a value that he needs to inculcate within himself. This can be achieved only by practising kindness on a daily basis. Let it be as small as waving to the fruit-seller you see every day on the way to school. Tiny habits come together to form a personality trait.

4. Let Them See the Power of Action

Teaching your child about kindness is one thing. But, once they see it happen in real life, there is no turning back. Ask your child to go and compliment a shopkeeper, or gift a toffee to a policeman standing on the road. Let them hear the words of thankfulness and experience the happiness that comes with helping someone.

5. Smile More to Be Kind

Not all kindness needs to manifest in the form of action. Even a small gesture of acknowledgement can improve someone’s day. Smile at people you see every day and wave to the ones you know well. Those are enough to make someone happy for the entire day.

6. Begin Young

As your child grows up, his habits start solidifying and introducing new ones, especially selfless ones, start getting difficult. Teach your child to be kind while he is a kid so that it integrates with his personality by the time he becomes an adolescent.

Begin Young

7. Join Him in Being Kind

Your little boy cannot do this all by himself. And it isn’t too late for you to start being kind again as well. Go with your child to encourage him to act kindly with others. Pick a day and a location and decide to smile at everyone you see them. Help your child take the first steps.

8. Clarify the Purpose

Make sure your child sees kindness for the altruistic act that it is. And not something to show off or expect something in return. That not only defeats the entire purpose of kindness but might make your child start doubting anybody else who is kind to him. This can even cause behavioral problems.

9. Kindness and Success

Later in life, your child will begin to associate success by comparing himself with others, leading him to be less kind to others in the effort to be better himself. Talk to him about what true success means and how kindness is an internal success that nobody can take from him.

10. Don’t Be Kind Alone

Let your child get together with his friends and organize a random act of kindness. Let him know that everyone is on the same side when they are kind and if someone isn’t actively kind, you shouldn’t end up judging the person for it.

List of Random Acts of Kindness for Kids to Try

Here’s a list of acts of kindness your kids would enjoy.

List of Random Acts of Kindness for Kids to Try

  1. Writing a letter to a friend and posting it.
  2. Thanking different staff members of the school.
  3. Giving water to a thirsty child.
  4. Clean the toys at home by himself.
  5. Make a handmade gift for a friend’s birthday.
  6. Giving healthy sweets to a police official.
  7. Helping someone with their bags at a supermarket.
  8. Replacing birthday gifts with donations to charities.
  9. Write a song for someone you know.
  10. Give old toys and books to an orphanage.
  11. Leave a small lovely note for mommy in the kitchen.
  12. Give free hugs whenever you can.
  13. Use old printed papers to practice drawing.
  14. Teach your friend a new activity you’ve learnt.
  15. Bake muffins with your mom and give them to random people.
  16. Clean the blackboard in the classroom before your teacher enters.
  17. Play with someone you don’t know at the playground.
  18. Say “thank you” to the bus driver.
  19. Talk to faraway relatives regularly over video calls.
  20. Make your bed and clean the room without mom asking you to.
  21. Make popcorn yourself in advance for a movie night.
  22. Help take care of someone’s dog while they’re travelling.
  23. Assist elderly people with their luggage.
  24. Gift your sick friend a “get well soon” card.
  25. Work with your mom in helping her with dinner.
  26. Get a packet of biscuits for your society’s watchman.
  27. Save a little money in a kindness jar every day and use it for a random act.
  28. Be polite, smile, and say “thank you” to servers in hotels and restaurants.
  29. Brush your teeth with the tap shut off.
  30. Write a letter to your principal, praising your teacher.
  31. Play with kids from another school.
  32. Remember to say hello and goodbye.
  33. Read a book or a newspaper for your grandmother.
  34. Talk to a friend you haven’t spoken to in long.
  35. Collect any old clothes and donate to an orphanage.
  36. Get flowers for your doctor during your visit.
  37. Help your neighbour with his grocery shopping.
  38. Talk to new kids at school.
  39. Help set up the plates for meals on weekends.
  40. Make lemonade for everyone randomly.
  41. Walk your friend’s dog.
  42. Plant a tree.
  43. Give your postman a thank-you card.
  44. Wash your dad’s vehicle.
  45. Crack a joke out of the blue.
  46. Leave a paper note in a library book.
  47. Feed pigeons and birds with grains.
  48. Wash your plates after eating.
  49. Give a new kid a friendship bracelet.
  50. Share an umbrella.

Random acts of kindness are not difficult to come up with. They are the most obvious ones once you start looking at the world with humane eyes. Let your child be that from his childhood, and he will grow up to be a wonderful human being loved by all.

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