Bra Size Measurement Guide : How To Measure Your Bra Size at Home Correctly

5 Ways to Measure your Bra Size at Home

Learning how to measure your bra size at home correctly is surprisingly simple and is something that will stand you in good stead the next time you’re facing a dilemma about choosing the right bra. Master the basics in a few simple ways.

Finding a bra that fits perfectly is something that has haunted every woman at one time or the other. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need anything other than yourself to get your size right. And even though sizing varies slightly between brands, you can have an idea of what yours is to help you choose the right bra.

How is Bra Size Measured?

The first thing you need to do is to pick out a bra and wear it. Choose an unpadded one that isn’t underwired for accurate results. Make sure that it’s in a style you’re comfortable wearing.

1. Figuring Out Your Band Size

A vital step in the ways to measure your bust is calculating the band size. Take a soft measuring tape and wrap it just beneath your breasts where the bra band goes around. Ensure it’s wrapped properly and isn’t twisted or loose. If you get an odd number, round it off to the nearest even number. For best results, try on a bra with a band size that’s both above and below your measurement. For e.g. if it’s 31, try on both size 30 and 32.

2. Cup Size Basics

Do remember that cup size is in proportion to band size. Very rarely will it be an absolute figure. Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your breasts. Make sure it’s neither too tight nor too loose. It should feel snug. You also want to be careful that the tape doesn’t slope down or ride up your back. Write down your measurement.

3. The Calculations

When learning how to measure your bra size correctly at home, calculate the difference between your cup size and band size. If your bust size is 34 and band size is 33, that’s a one-inch difference. The basic rule is 1 inch = A cup, 2 inches = B cup, 3 inches = C cup, 4 inches = D cup and so on.

4. Understand How a Bra Should Fit

The basic rule of the bra size measurement guide is understanding what a well-fitting bra feels like. The band should be snug on the first hook. You can use the remaining hooks to adjust the snugness, when its elasticity wears out. There should also be sufficient side coverage with minimal spillage. The part of the bra band between the breasts, and the straps shouldn’t dig into your skin either.

5. Final Check

Try your bra on under a top. Your bust should be approximately halfway between your elbow and shoulder. Your bust line should also be well-supported and shouldn’t hang. Check to see how the bra looks under a fitted top as a loose bra will show up as much as a too-tight one.

Follow these measurements of bra cup size and bra band size to choose one that fits you perfectly. After all, if you don’t feel comfortable in your underwear, you won’t look or feel confident!

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