Common Weight Loss Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Fitness Plan

5 Unhealthy Things That Silently Spoil your Fitness Plan

Losing weight is an eternal battle. We resort to so many different diets and fitness plans in that search for the perfect figure. But without realising it, we sometimes resort to unhealthy ways to lose weight which undo all the good that exercise does!

When it comes to losing weight and working out, getting to the gym is just half the battle. There are so many other things you need to pay an equal amount of attention to like maintaining your posture and getting proper nutrition. There are unhealthy ways to lose weight and if you aren’t careful, you could end up piling on the kilos all over again.

Major Weight Loss Mistakes you Can’t Afford to Make

1. Not eating enough

Many people tend to starve themselves or eat less to lose weight. If you think that less food means more weight loss, that’s simply not true! Calories give us energy and starving yourself is a very unhealthy way to lose weight. Eating right and in moderation is the right way to trim down.

2. Not resting enough

Your body needs to recover and rest in order to repair muscles and help them develop. Overusing them can lead to injury, loss of appetite and fatigue. Take your rest days seriously and go for a walk or take the kids to the park. Relax a little.

Not resting enough

3. Not varying your workout

Routine gets monotonous for everyone, including your body. You need to mix it up. This is the whole point of varied goals each day. Not mixing your sets is a bad way to lose weight. Put your body through new and challenging activities such as zumba, spinning, yoga and water aerobics.

4. Not incorporating resistance training in your routine

In between your daily goals, don’t forget resistance training (also called weight training). Combined with diet control, it can help you lose weight and preserve and build lean muscle mass. Try out some weight-lifting around the house to start off with. Be careful not to over-exert.

5. Not drinking enough water

Water is a very important part of your fitness routine as well as your daily life. It helps build muscles and provides you with increased stamina and better health. Make a habit to drink at least 6 to 8 eight glasses of water in a day. When exercising, sip water in between to make up for lost fluids. Remember to start your day with a glass of warm water and a twist of lemon and honey.

Health and fitness should be made priorities, for mommies and non-mommies alike. Don’t let life get in the way of health. Don’t be a victim! Whether you want to work out to tone up or lose weight or just keep fit, avoid these mistakes and learn to exercise right.

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