How to Keep Hygiene During Menstruation

5 Tips to Have a Clean and Happy Period!

If you’ve been thinking how to have a clean period, you need some practical tips to give you a stress-free menstruation experience with no odour, infection or stain. What more? You can feel fresh throughout!

Oh! It’s that time of the month again! Have you been dreading the itchiness, moist feelings, and cramps that come with periods? If yes, then you’re probably not taking proper care of yourself or aren’t maintaining proper hygiene. At the time of menstruation, the mucus in the cervix opens up to facilitate blood passage, which may lead to sore infections if germs get to enter your cervix. That is why, it’s essential to follow a clean routine always and especially so when you’re ‘down’.

Handy Menstrual Hygiene Tips You Can’t Ignore

1. Menstrual Cups, Pads, or Tampons?

Different women have different ways of maintaining hygiene during menstrual period. Some prefer menstrual cups, while others opt for tampons. If you use sanitary napkins, make sure that you place them right. Improper placing might lead to irritation and rashes. Buy pads and tampons with high absorbency quotients. If you have a heavy flow, your pads should have enough capacity to absorb all the emissions. Keep enough of these supplies in your bag, so that you can change when it’s time. Using panty liners is one of the most advised menstrual hygiene practices when you have low bleeding. Use them along with your tampon to prevent stains on your underwear too.

2. Wash and Pat Dry

It’s important to change your sanitary napkins every 4 hours and tampons every 8 hours when menstruating. Overuse of the same napkin or tampon may be harmful, cause severe discomfort, and emit foul smell too. One of the best hygiene tips during menstruation is to wash your private parts after every change and also pat the area dry, preferably with powder. This will help in keeping the germs away, and you—totally odour-free.

3. Importance of Period Panties

It’s not always easy to get rid of those blood stains. That’s why, it’s better that you buy separate period panties for yourself. The extra lining present in these panties prevents leakage and stains on bed sheets or trousers too. Additionally, it’s easy to wash off the blood stains from such special panties. Just clean them with warm water and use a disinfectant.

4. Remember Your Dates

Keeping a record of your dates is one of the important menstrual hygiene management tips to follow. If you remember your dates, you’ll be prepared for the approaching cycle, without any unpleasantly timed surprises. In case of irregular periods or multiple periods in a month, consult your doctor and if required, get necessary tests done.

5. Avoid Fitting Pants

Wear loose cotton pants, long skirts or harem pants during your periods. Wearing tight jeans or leggings can lead to boils or rashes in your privates. With loose clothes, there will be enough air flow to leave you feeling comfy and fit throughout the day.

If you’ve been wondering how to keep hygienic during menstruation, you’ve got your answers above. Here’s to clean and stress-free periods without much fuss! Wish you happy ‘5 days’ of the month now!

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