Daily Activities That Can Cause Risk to Your Health

5 Things You Won’t Believe Ruin your Health!

Everywhere you look, you’ll find a whole lot of information about unhealthy habits and foods that pose a threat to your health. But what about those seemingly harmless habits that are dangerous? It totally pays to know the unhealthy things you do every day!

Being a fitness buff is definitely a great thing. It means you care enough about yourself to work out and eat healthy. But is it enough? Well, the sad news is that there are still things you do every day that can damage your health if you don’t stop at once!

5 Daily Activities That Can Put Your Health on Risk

1. Feasting on Microwavable Popcorn

If you’re particular about what you eat, popcorn could be your best friend. Yes, it is a low calorie food but did you know that the microwaveable ones aren’t good for you? The packet in which microwavable popcorn is packed is lined with non-stick coating that releases perfluorooctanoic acid when the bag decomposes. This acid has actually been linked to some cancers! Instead of microwaving popcorn next time, try boiled corn kernels.

2. Snoozing for too Long

Doctors and health experts have time and again stressed on the need for enough sleep for good health. In case you’ve taken this as a green signal to sleep for as long as you want, think again. Anything more than six-eight hours of sleep and you’re putting your poor heart at risk. Of course, for moms who find sleeping a luxury, please take a nap whenever you can!

Snoozing for too long

3. Drinking Out of The Gym Bottle

What do you think happens when you pull open the gym bottle cap for a drink of water? You transmit germs from your sweat to the bottle which are then transferred into your body. The whole point of improving health is lost when you do this. Instead, invest in wide-mouth bottles with screw-on caps to take along to your workout.

4. Remaining Indoors

Agreed, stepping out during the hot summer or pouring rain is the last thing you have on your mind. But staying indoors for prolonged periods is also an unhealthy way to risk your health. You breathe in stale air and don’t get enough sun. Your senses feel dull as does your mind. Instead, step out of home for some fresh air in the morning and after dinner with your husband. Take your little ones along too and turn it into a family ritual.

5. Sitting for Prolonged Periods

The demands of work require you to spend long hours at your desk. But you’re definitely not chained to it! Sitting for too long is another unhealthy thing you do every day. In fact, it’s a major reason for heart disease and diabetes. Once in a while, take a break and walk down to the water filter for a glass of water, or just stand up and move around.

Along with these bad habits, you should also avoid wearing clothes that are too tight and shoes with very high heels. After all, following the latest fashion trends is fine but not at the cost of your health. The next time you find yourself doing one of these unhealthy things, consider your health and try to bring about a change.

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