What To Do Before Getting a Bikini Wax

5 Things to Prepare for your First Bikini Wax

Your bikini wax procedure will ensure that you stride out with confidence in your tankini. With these bikini wax tips by your side, you can look forward to many more exciting moments ahead without a care. So, get up and get your private lines all smooth and fuzz free!

Ready to hit the beach, but worried how to wear your bikini? Seek an appointment for a bikini wax and hit the salon first thing in the morning. Getting yourself waxed early in the day alleviates the concerns of oil build-ups and saves you the trouble of taking a second bath too. Post that, wait no longer, air your swimsuit and get ready to go ‘splash!’

Things to Consider Before Getting a Bikini Wax

1. Check Your Calendar

Here we mean your periods calendar. By any chance, if you’re menstruating or on the verge of starting your cycle, you need to be better prepared. As the bikini wax procedure will require shedding your undies remember to wear a tampon instead of a napkin. In addition, check if the skin around your vulva is more stressed or sensitive than other days, if yes, then postpone the idea until your safe days.

2. Types of Bikini Wax

Once you know what is bikini wax and how it removes peeping fuzz from embarrassing you near a swimming pool, beach, bedroom, or any other place that finds you with your pants down, you need to know its variants too. The possibilities include getting your bikini line (If you have no clue regarding what is your bikini line then do know that it is the area that hugs the fringes of the bottom parts of your bikini or panties) cleaned. You may like to ask for a complete removal of pubic hair by going ‘Brazilian’. Else, opt for a little less hair removal in the form of a ‘landing strip’ wax. Your waxer will be glad to work on the lines of what you decide.

3. Leave Your Inhibitions Behind

Even as you get to know a little more about how to prepare for a bikini wax, remember that you’re heading for a professional waxing session, which may turn out to be a tad awkward. You will be fairly exposed, and may be asked to go through many, let’s say, ‘interesting’ positions. These placements of your hands and legs will allow the waxer to finish her job with perfection. Here, you need to understand that far from being judged, you’ll end up being more comfy if you do as instructed.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Bikini Wax

4. How Long Should Your Hair be for a Bikini Wax?

Shorter pubic hair is easier to wax than a thicker bush and is less time consuming too. Short hair is also less painful to remove and requires lesser pulls. The size of your hair down under will dictate how often should you get a bikini wax. It’s best to keep yourself trimmed to about an inch.

5. How Long Does a Bikini Wax Last?

The longevity of your bikini wax can be marked best at a week. After that, you will start noticing a stubble. However, this does not mean that, you have to rush to your waxer anytime too soon. The hair should be at least .25 to .5 inches long before you go through another session. This time frame converts to about 3 weeks for most women. You may go for quick touch-ups if you deem fit.

Still wondering, is bikini waxing safe? Of course it is. With these simple but effective bikini wax tips up your sleeve, you can be doubly sure of what you’re getting into. Once done, you’ll love the freedom in a bikini and never think again before diving in a pool.

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