Reasons For Not Losing Weight Despite Exercise

5 Things That Are Keeping You From Losing Weight!

Losing fat is difficult but exercise makes it possible. However, if you’re regularly exercising but not losing weight, you could be guilty of doing things you shouldn’t!

Reducing fat is a tough job. In fact, many wonder why despite slogging it out diligently for weeks, weight just doesn’t seem to be go. Wait. What if there are certain things you unknowingly do that are contributing to this?

1. You keep watching the scales

Be patient. Losing weight takes time and can’t be done quickly. The more often you check the weighing scales, the slower you’ll seem to be losing weight. You can also end up losing interest in your fitness plan!

What you should do instead: Have faith in yourself and give yourself time. Make a promise that you’ll check the scales every two weeks or three weeks, not every few days!

2. You could be cheating!

If you’re diligently working out but not losing weight, you may be knowingly or unknowingly sneaking in some extra calories from a chocolate bar, a slice of cake or a couple of packets of chips. Eating healthy and indulging yourself in treats in moderation is the only way you can achieve your target.

What you should do instead: Pick a diet plan that’s realistic yet effective at the same time

Things That Are Keeping You From Losing Weight!

3. Your lifestyle could be a hindrance

Another possible reason you’re exercising but not losing weight is your lifestyle. Today, many of us lead technologically advanced lifestyles that are unfortunately, quite sedentary. This can lead to disorders like obesity, blood pressure problems and even diabetes!

What you should do instead: When you need to get to the second or third floor of a building by a lift, take the stairs. Try to walk to stores rather than take a cab or your car.

4. You’ve set unrealistic targets

The thought of losing 10 kilos in a couple of months sounds fab, but you’ll need to work really hard and stick to a strict diet to achieve it. Don’t just ask yourself ‘why am I not losing weight?’ but set realistic and achievable goals. A dedicated fitness challenge is a great way to bring your body into the groove and your abs ready to be toned – but you will need to keep up the hard work.

What you should do instead: Use this simple guide to set weight loss targets for yourself.

5. You don’t have a support system

While you try hard to achieve your weight loss goal, you’ll need a lot of support and help from your family and friends. You may feel the need for a push sometimes just to get out of the bed an hour earlier and put on your running shoes. Or maybe you just need someone to keep you from eating a large bowl of ice cream.

What you should do instead: Whatever it is, speak to your husband, family and friends and ask them to be by your side while you strive to lose weight. Even your pet can be a great support system and companion!

With strong will-power and a proper support system, no one can stop you from achieving your dreams. Stick to a diet that gives you all the nutrition you need. Eat in small portions frequently and treat yourself occasionally. You’ll soon see a change in yourself!

If none of the above apply to you but you are still unable to lose weight, check out our list of 19 shocking reasons you are unable to lose weight. Which one applies to you?

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