How to Survive Being a Single Mother

5 Survival Tips for a Single Mom

Being both a mom and dad to your little one can be daunting at first. But, with the right attitude and a few survival tips, a single mom can don both hats with equal ease. A support group comprising friends and family will also help make the transition easier.

It’s natural for every young woman to dream of starting a family with her partner. However, there are a few who have to deal with a newborn all alone. While being a single parent can be quite challenging considering the responsibilities and loneliness that accompanies, being one isn’t all that bad. With the right approach and a handful of useful survival tips, single mothers can juggle being a mom and dad to their bundle of joy easily.

How to Survive as a Single Mom

1. Try to get Along with the Ex

If you went through a bitter divorce with your husband, it is only natural to not want to stay in contact. However, for the sake of your child’s healthy and positive upbringing make sure you bury the hatchet with your ex. Be courteous and practical with your ex, so your child doesn’t grow up scarred and torn between both the parents. You could even ask your husband to manage the children for the weekend that will give you some time to focus on yourself, while letting your child unravel the relationship with his dad too.

2. Focus on Important Matters

Being a single mother could beget financial trouble and emotional upheaval. However, this shouldn’t get in the way of nurturing your children in a positive manner. Remember negativity breeds more sorrow, which will impact you as a parent. Rid yourself of the hurt in the past and stay positive. Keep your humour intact to lighten things up at work and home. Concentrate on what is more important than trivial issues like “what will people say/think.” Make the best of what you have in hand and give it your best shot. As a single parent taking care of your children should be your priority. Instil good values in your child and teach him to be a good person. You will feel rewarded for your effort later in life.

3. Ask for Help, when Required!

Single parenthood is a tough job, which doesn’t even pay. So, if you ever find yourself struggling between kids and work, do not shy away from asking for help. You can ask your trusted friends or your parents to babysit once a week that’ll give you some free time to run errands or just go do your own thing. Don’t feel guilty. You can’t be so hard on yourself. Being a single mom in no way means sacrificing all that you are. There are a lot of nice and supportive people in this world who would be more than happy to extend you a helping hand.

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4. Find a Flexible Work Schedule

If your current work schedule conflicts with the time devoted to your kids, be honest and talk to your boss about it. Do not be scared to speak your mind. You never know your boss might be considerate to your needs. A flexible work shift will not just lessen your mad juggle between home and work, but will give you quality time with your children too. For single parents, a flexible work life would also ensure that a set routine is in place, so the child then knows what to expect.

5. Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

Being a single mother is not an easy feat. So, all single moms should give themselves a pat on the back when they achieve small, but significant victories where their babies are concerned. It could be anything from successfully potty training your kid, teaching him how to wash his hands, to making him learn his first poem. Every success needs a victory yelp! Unwind and have a glass of wine to celebrate these small instances of happiness.

As a single mom, try to be loving, respectful, and truthful with your child. An open attitude towards life and parenting will go a long way in benefiting the personality of your child. Keep these survival tips in mind, and we’re sure as a single mom you’ll be able to tackle the most important job in the world with ease. Although, there could be days when things might get a bit overwhelming, the right attitude and patience will lessen the stress and make you positive.

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