Know the Foods that can Ruin Your Mood

5 Surprising Foods That Are Spoiling Your Mood – Here Are Better Options for a Happier You!

No one can understand the connection between food and mood better than a woman who has gone through nine months of intense cravings! While some food items are known to be mood makers, some could be silently ruining your mood. All you need to do for the right mood is to eat right.

The connection between food and mood is a proven reality. If you don’t watch what you’re eating, you may well be spiraling into a web of phony highs and mood swings.The trick to avoiding this behavioural oscillation is to shun the foods that cause depression and instead choose the ones that boost your disposition. Well, there are some unsuspecting mood wreckers you should be wary of.

Mood Makers and Breakers

1. Chocolates

Nothing can lighten your mood quite like a little chocolate indulgence, right? Wrong! While the instant sugar rush from the carbs and refined sugars can make you feel good,the moment the rush ebbs is when you end up feeling down and out. Moms, next time you want to reach out for the chocolate bar after a tiring Pilates session,switch to a fruit instead. Not only will it  keep your mood in a good keel, but lend you that glowing skin too.

2. Sodas

One of the top names in the list of foods that ruin your mood is the fizzy soda you love on a hot day or after a greasy meal. This supposed energy drink, laden with unnecessary calories and sugar, makes you feel all charged up and raring to go. No more yawns keeping the baby entertained. Sadly, once the sugar rush comes down, you will be grumpier than ever before.The scary part if you’re on a tight weight watch? After the mood high dips, the soda converts into fat in your body! Ban the soda and opt for buttermilk and fresh juices to keep fresh.

3. Junk food

After a busy day you may want to pick a cheeseburger as a quick go-to meal. While this means you’ll feel full soon (junk food is slow to digest), it also means you’ll be stocking way more calories than you require. It gets worse because the excess intake of sodium, carbs, and bad fats found in junk food will make your hormonal level unsteady. This makes you cranky and lethargic after reaching the “I feel full” state. The next time hunger pangs hit you, opt for salads and nuts.

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4. Processed Foods

No one can judge you for investing heavily in processed food. Not after a long day managing a baby and a house. But while this might cut down on the cooking time, you will be paying for it with increased irritation levels and a poor mood. This is a clear instance of how food affects your mood. Processed food contains a preservative called nitrate, which helps in keeping the food fresh. The trouble is that this preservative also kicks off  migraines and induces stress, which in turn causes erratic mood swings. If you must, look for nitrate  free versions of processed foods.

5. Caffeine

While a cup of morning coffee gives you just the right amount of kick to start the day, if you knew how your morning cuppa can affect your mood you wouldn’t be picking up the next five cups just so happily!The rich aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee is sure to tempt you out of your bed, but chances are that it might be keeping you away from it as well. Apart from insomnia, the caffeine crash (once the high wears off) can actually make you feel low and strange.

Knowing what kind of foods give you a wretched mood can help stave off depression and keep you healthy. Have this information handy and never again look back in irritation with or without reason. Happiness is just the right food away.

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