5 Supplements and The Wonders They Do To Your Skin

5 Supplements and The Wonders They Do To Your Skin

Your skin, it is said, is the mirror to your soul. It shines when you are healthy from within but withers and pigments when you are stressed out or unwell. While you probably go to great lengths to keep your skin glowing, what if there are internal factors working equally hard against you?

Sometimes, your regular diet, lifestyle and beauty stash may not be enough to complete your skincare. Your body demands extra attention as you grow older. This is where supplements come to your rescue. While we don’t promote chemical or synthetic formulations, there are abundant natural supplements out there that provide your skin with the nourishment it needs.

Let’s figure out the top 5 nutrients you should incorporate either in your diet or through an add-on supplement. They address very specific skin problems. In fact, they may leave you surprised at the ease with which they cure conditions you probably thought were chronic!

Essential Skin Care Supplements You Must Start Using

1. Antioxidants

Have you ever wondered what those slowly withering fruits in beauty advertisements are trying to depict? Well, that’s exactly what can happen to your skin over time! Due to exposure to sunlight, pollution and routine ageing, your skin undergoes a degenerative process called “oxidation” – something you need to counter with antioxidants.

How do I get my anti-oxidants? Simple! Just stock up on flax and sesame seeds and good old cranberries. Also increase your consumption of green tea, tomatoes and carrots as they are great sources of an antioxidant called lycopene.


2. Coenzymes Q10

Scientific as it sounds, this is a vitamin-like substance found in the heart, liver, kidney, and pancreas. It helps produce collagen and elastin – molecules that help your skin withstand stress. With time, our body’s ability to produce CoQ10 goes down. But with this depletion, our likelihood of ageing faster goes up!

How do I get my Coenzymes Q10? Pick up a Co-Q10 supplement by Windmill. It also gives you a healthier heart! Alongside, make sure you eat nutritious foods like seafood, cauliflower and broccoli.

Coenzymes Q10

3. Multivitamins

If there’s one answer to stubborn skincare woes, it’s vitamin deficiency. Multivitamins is a group of nutrients such as Vitamin A, B3, C, E and K that are basically magical! They help with anti-aging, improve skin texture, provide more colour and help lessen wrinkles. Now there’s a solution to your beauty troubles after sleepless nights with your baby.

How do I get my Multivitamins? Try wellness supplements by Inlife or HealthVit to stock up on Vitamin B-12 and E – the most common deficiencies in women. You also need to consume fish, poultry products and fresh fruits to meet your daily requirements.


4. Minerals

If you didn’t think well of this group of nutrients in your Chemistry class, it’s time to change that! Calcium, zinc, selenium and sulphur are among the friendliest of the lot. They keep your complexion clean by helping with repair, shedding dead skin, protecting against UV radiation, and healing wounds and breakouts.

How do I get my Minerals? Your kitchen is your best friend here too. Pumpkin, lamb and oysters are good sources of zinc. You want to look at meats and fish for selenium and dairy products and green veggies for calcium.


5. Omega Fatty Acids

Those golden capsules that fascinated you as a child can reap wonderful benefits after all! Omega-3 fatty acids are terrific at regulating oil production in skin, thereby boosting hydration and controlling pimples.

How do I get my Omega Fatty Acids? Fish oil is your go-to guy here. You also need to consume eggs, walnuts and roasted watermelon seeds – either in food or through an over-the-counter supplement.

Omega Fatty Acids

Now that you know the skin-friendly nutrients your body is craving for, make sure you include them in your diet. Another option is to get a medicinally tested supplement from a wellness store like Nykaa. Do make sure you have a discussion with your doctor before starting a new health routine.

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