Reasons to Embrace Yoga on International Day of Yoga

5 Super Reasons to Start Yoga Immediately

Have you often observed yoga enthusiasts perform deep breathing and fitness exercises but brushed them off for lack of time? Well, perhaps you shouldn’t! The far-reaching benefits of yoga are now recognized worldwide, with the United Nations declaring June 21 as the International Yoga Day. A cause led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Yoga Day is the perfect opportunity to let yoga introduce you to a healthier, happier and sexier you.

This old and renowned exercise form is not only a great workout but also a simple way to keep you rollicking fit. As women who are also wives, moms and professionals, life can be very demanding. A tried and tested solution to jazz up your life is to take up yoga. Wondering what are the benefits of yoga? Here are 5 unbelievably good ways in which yoga can make you happier!

5 Awesome Reasons to Take Up Yoga This International Yoga Day

If you are looking for one good enough reason for starting yoga (finally), we’ll give you five! Here are 5 solid irrefutable reasons for doing yoga!

Say Hello to a Healthier Body

No one deals with pain better than women do – after all, we deal with so many pains! Whether it’s menstrual cramping, cervical spine trouble or shoulder and neck pain, yoga for health and fitness has been proven to reap results. The gentle exercises, mindful breathing and bodily discipline of yoga could be just what the doctor asked. Not to forget, getting started with yoga will also help you in losing weight, de-stressing, improving lung capacity and regulating heart and blood pressure while you’re at it. Wow!

Sex Up Your Bedroom

The stress of daily routine can dampen your libido and convert awesome sexual escapades only into fantasies – oops! However, this is manageable with yoga which can actually increase sexual desire. Yoga improves body alignment and blood flow directly to the pelvic region which makes you long to get naughty under the sheets. Since you will also be stress-free, you can focus on lovemaking and telling your hubby exactly what you enjoy best. Now, isn’t the prospect of hot sex a massive motivation to take up yoga? We bet.

Develop Inner Strength

Skeptical of the much talked about “inner” strength? Well, you already possess oodles of it as is evident in the many roles you play as a woman! However, life can still get to you sometimes and leave you depressed, weak or helpless. According to experts, yoga can help develop incredible mental and physical strength which lets you cope with situations. These exercises can relax and clear your mind like nothing else does.

You Can Finally Sit Up Straight

Even after years of trying to consciously sit up straight, many of us still slouch. Poor posture adds to the already large kitty of pains women often have to face! A permanent solution to developing the proper posture is taking up yoga since it has several breathing and seating positions designed for this purpose. Not only can this solve your back, neck and shoulder pains but also leave you looking taller and more confident.

woman doing yoga positions

Sleep Like a Baby

If you’re mom to a newborn, chances are you have forgotten all about sleep. Even otherwise, the modern woman trying to meet her deadlines at work, finishing chores and keeping the brood happy is known to have poor sleep quality. Reports suggest that light yoga can help you get off to sleep more quickly and also sleep deeper. Plus, yoga helps alleviate bodily pains which otherwise keep you from sleeping soundly.

Now that you know the magic that yoga can work for you, why not get a yoga mat, get your brood together, and embrace the importance of yoga in daily life with simple yoga poses? Concentrate on the breathing and relaxation of muscles and slowly progress to poses of higher difficulty or asanas designed to cure a particular probSleep Like a Babylem. Going yogic can be super healthy, as we are sure you will find out!

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