Raising Your Spirited Child - Parenting Guide

5 Signs You Have a Fearless Child!

Parenting can be a task, especially if you have a fearless child. So, what is a spirited child and how do you spot one? Find here the tell-tale signs to know if your child is indeed free spirited. Educate yourself and be a better parent to your active baby.

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Irrespective of the gender, some babies are fearless right from birth. Such children exhibit a high level of energy and a certain restlessness. Needless to say, spirited children successfully keep their parents on their toes, day and night. If you have a hyper-energetic child, chances are he or she is fearless too. So, as a parent, you need to have a lot of patience and perseverance in dealing with your kiddo. Here’s a bit of insight to what you can expect.

Spirited Child Symptoms to Look Out for

1. Your Child is too Independent for His Age:

Spirited children are not dependent on anyone and prefer doing everything by themselves. Well, it could be a relief for parents to see their children brushing their teeth or changing their clothes on their own, but it’s a bit of a concern when they cross the line. For example, they could be adamant on driving the car or climbing high ladders all by themselves! Spirited children believe that they are highly skilled and they like to prove it too. When stopped, they make their parents face tough resistance.

2. Rigidity is His Second Nature:

Raising your spirited child can get a little difficult at times courtesy their adamant behaviour. They are rigid in their attitude and aren’t easy with transitions. While some may throw severe tantrums while changing their clothes, others might scream out loud if, or when, things don’t go their way.

fearless child

3. He is a Risk-Taker:

Given their independent nature, spirited kids are fine doing things on their own when their parents aren’t around to watch. In fact, they enjoy indulging themselves in risk taking activities when no elder is in sight. Great guts if your child’s a 20-year-old, but scary if he’s a mere 7!

4. He is too Sensitive:

Parenting the spirited child is indeed a task as such children are quite aware and sensitive about their surroundings. They understand every little change right from your fight with your partner or you cribbing about the rent. Such children are particularly sensitive to new smells, textures, and moods of different people and react adversely to negativity.

5. People Talk About Your Kid – a Lot!

Due to the high level of energy present in fearless kids, they tend to be hyper active and always up to something. As a result, you might hear others telling you how your child is probably high on sugar or that he needs less stimulation on a day-to-day basis. Also, being a parent you could be receiving several ‘free’ suggestions on parenting and calming your child down.

With a fearless kid, your days could get really exhausting. However, for the benefit of your child you need to keep your calm and deal with your baby with patience. Don’t be hassled by what people say or feel, instead take pride in raising your free-spirited child who’s a ball of mischief and energy!

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