Common Running Mistakes You Make

5 Running Mistakes To Run Away From

Who doesn’t want to look and feel good? Running is one of those activities that can help you achieve both. However, the way you run matters and there are certain running mistakes you make that could stop you from reaping the benefits of this exercise!

They say life is a race, and to run it successfully, we need to revisit the rules from time to time. And just like life, running as an exercise also requires certain rules to be followed. This simple activity releases more than just sweat. It helps us channel negativity in a constructive manner. If you’ve decided to take up running or want more out of it, learn the do’s and don’ts.

Running Mistakes To Avoid For Better Benefits

1. Not warming up

The hardest step is to get started running in the first place. Your body aches, your lungs burn, and you realise just how out of shape you are. One way to make running easier is a nice warm-up. In fact, it’s crucial before performing any exercise. It helps your body get its adequate supply of oxygenated blood. Your muscles don’t feel so stiff and your heart gets ready for action. Stretching, skipping rope and brisk walking are some of the ways you can warm up.

2. Using a treadmill without knowing how

Using a treadmill without knowing how

There are technical mistakes that should be avoided if you use a treadmill. Make sure you never run too close or too far from the console unit as you could hinder your running. If the console unit is too near, it may become hard for you to move your arms, whereas if it’s too far, you’ll find it tough to control the speed.


3. Looking down and running

When running on a treadmill, always try to touch the ground with the balls of your feet. If you hit it with your heels, you could fall smack on your knees and get a good bruising. Treadmill users are also cautioned to look ahead and run since looking down to check your step could make you lose your balance and fall.

4. Taking very long strides

Many of us move our arms back and forth when running. While it’s natural, you need to try to tuck in your arms more while still moving them to the rhythm of your pace. It’ll keep you less exhausted. Another way you can work out longer is to control your stride. Try to limit yourself to shorter steps and you’ll notice a significant rise in your stamina.

5. Not maintaining the right posture

Running takes a lot out of you. In order to conserve energy and get enough oxygen, try to keep your shoulders straight and open up your chest. Breathing gets obstructed when you bow your shoulders and you’ll find yourself getting tired fast.

Running might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but when done right, it’s easier and less stressful. Get back into shape by eliminating running mistakes you might make. Combine working out with a healthy diet and see amazing results. Run away to glory!

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