International Fairy Day June 24 – 5 Real Life Fairy Lands

5 Real Fairy Lands to Dream About on International Fairy Day

Life isn’t a fairy tale. Is that what you go about telling everyone with confidence? Wait! This June 24, as the world celebrates International Fairy Day, we bring you 5 destinations that are straight out of a dreamy fairy tale. We are convinced this is where fairies have been living right under our nose!

Fairy mythology may be as old as the hills and very few would believe modern fairies exist. But we know of one you too are familiar with. Guess who? Moms, of course! After all, don’t you always fulfill the wishes of your brood with a magic wand of love and affection? On International Fairy Day, let go of cynicism and believe in fairies, if only for a day. This list of 5 fairy tale destinations that are very much real will get you thinking twice before you brush off fairies as mere stories!

Fairy Lands to Get you Dreaming

1. Russia

This old, mysterious land is sure to transport you into a different world. Russia boasts of romantic weather, spectacular colors, domes and intricate archways. Make sure you visit the Saint Basil’s Cathedral which has now been converted into a museum. You will occasionally be able to visualise a golden fairy or two fluttering around the edges of the domes. No kidding!

2. Portugal

Did you always rubbish tales of knights venturing out in the dark to save fairy tale princesses? This southern European country has old school castles, pretty villages and gold beaches which may revise your opinion! Check out the National Palace of Pena, Sintra which is a stunning pink and yellow castle with intricate architecture. We are sure invisible fairies look out of the windows.

3. Bhutan

This quiet and unassuming country is a delightful fairy story in and of itself. The peace you can find here is unparalleled. Bhutan has many Himalayan Buddhist temples sitting high up in carpets of green. Paro Taktsang, for instance, located in Tiger’s Nest, belies all notions of physics with its alarming location. Not a big deal, of course, for fairies who love to keep their distance from mankind.

bhutan palace

4. Japan

The Asian giant is sure to delight you with its progressive technology, exquisite cuisine and disciplined population. But Japan can turn into a stunning fairy tale land when you gaze at its beautiful flower arrangements and gardens. Imagine walking through an entire tunnel of magnificent flowers that render the sky above your head a gorgeous violet! Try out the Wisteria Tunnel located at the Kawachi Fuji Garden in Kitakyushu. We bet a group of industrious fairies weaved this one.

5. Kingdom of Denmark

If you wish to venture right into the home of fairies and elves, try this ancient kingdom with areas of perennial foggy weather. Delight in some stunning beaches, exotic food and world-class museums. But fairies truly make their presence felt in the Faroe Islands, an archipelago of vibrant green islands with steep volcanic rocks and peaks and a thick sense of mystery!

On this International Fairy Day, get together with your family and kids to gaze at these dreamy destinations. Sometimes, a dose of the seemingly unreal and a conscious choice to believe in stories can do wonders for the soul. If possible, plan your next vacation to one of these fairy lands and be as enthralled yourself as the kids are sure to be.

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