Simple Ways to Fake a Clean Home

5 Quick Cheats to Get a Clean House

No matter how clean and tidy you try to keep your house, it’s bound to turn into a mess when you have kids around. However, you just can’t leave it that way if you’re expecting guests! Try these tips to fake a clean home quickly and rest assured.

Your children fill the home with love, happiness and… a big mess! You want to clean things up but you’re busy for most part of the day and don’t find enough time. Though you may have learned to live this way by now, what if a guest arrives unexpectedly? What you need is to learn to clean the house without actually cleaning it!

How to Fake a Clean House Expertly

1. Dump the Extra Stuff

The living room is no longer a place used only to entertain guests. Your children have claimed it, scattering toys and books. Instead of picking up everything and putting them in their place, just take a big basket or a box and dump things in. You can cover it with a neat table cloth and place a showpiece on top.

2. Hide that Pile of Clothes

The mess at home is partly because of dirty laundry and partly because of unfolded washed clothes. As you can’t fold them all and arrange them in the closet at short notice, there’s a simple tip to fake a clean home. Take two large bags, fill one of them with dirty laundry and the other with the washed clothes. Hide them in cabinets or put them in the bedroom.

3. Straighten up Sheets and Cushions

Pull bed sheets taut over beds and straighten sofa covers and table cloths to give rooms a neat and tidy look. Fluff up the cushions and pillows and arrange them neatly. Draw the curtains and spray some room freshener to drive away stale smells. It’s an easy way to fake a clean house and super quick too!

Straighten up sheets and cushions

4. Tidy up the Kitchen

This part of the house is seldom tidy and while guests may not hang out here, they could walk in to chitchat or offer help. So, pick up loose packets, utensils and other stuff lying on the counter and keep them inside drawers and cabinets. Quickly wipe down the countertop, table and shelves with a damp cloth. You can also boil cinnamon or cloves in a small pan to fill the space with a fresh fragrance.

5. Clean the Bathroom

Your guests are sure to use the bathroom so it’s important to clean it before they arrive. Toss out empty shampoo bottles and used toothpaste tubes that have been lying there for days. Change the hand towels and replace the floor mat. Make sure the wash basin and commode are clean. Spray some air freshener and your job of faking a clean house is done.

Though you dislike wiping spillage and picking up scattered items, suppress the urge to keep your children’s toys and books back as soon as they take them out. It is not only impossible to keep up with but will also drive you nuts! Just follow these quick cheats on how to fake a clean house and you won’t fear the sudden arrival of guests any more.

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