Things Every Woman Does Right Before Sex

5 Pre-nooky Rituals Women Secretly Engage In

Who doesn’t love to prepare before making love to ensure it’s just perfect? While those impromptu sessions are great, what women do right before sex is one of the top bedroom secrets! These pre-nooky rituals can turn average sex into awesome lovemaking.

Women are natural planners. They plan everything from meals, movies, shopping to even sex. After all, a little preparation can make you feel oh-so-sexy and ready to attack!

5 Things Women Do Before Sex

1. Shave

There’s nothing wrong with going au natural. But let’s face it–there’s something to be said for smooth skin. Having a hairy mess anywhere close to lady parts is unthinkable for many women. The sexy feeling of freshly shaved and moisturised legs rubbing against your partner’s can make you daydream of jumping into action. Besides, you get to rock shorts and skirts if you decide to go out.

2. Groom

Well, this is as much of a priority as a shave. Washing your lady bits thoroughly, followed by brushing your teeth and even taking a shower if there’s time are popular pre-nooky rituals. Wearing a nice perfume to smell even fresher and applying yummy lip balm to seal the perfect kiss are a couple more. Before heading to the bedroom, you probably also shake your hair out to give it a sexy tousled look.

Things Women Do before Sex

3. Playact with Raunchy Lingerie

Wearing dainty lace and satin lingerie isn’t just to entice your man. It entices you too! Whether it’s a babydoll, a negligee or a slinky bra and panty set, the feel of silky fabric against your skin and seeing your curves accentuated is a heady sensation. When you look and feel sexy, your partner notices it and is turned on even more, which in turn gets you going. Double treat!

4. Create a Playlist of Sexy Music

You want to make sure there’s nothing left undone for setting the mood. Aside from grooming and slipping on lingerie, a lot of women gather a few steamy music tracks. The lyrics can describe what you and your partner want to do to each other. It’s a great way to get yourself into the groove especially after a long day.

5. Quickly Fix The Room

This can just not be overlooked. A messy bedroom or bathroom can spoil the whole setting. All the piled up clothes need to be stashed away under a sheet or in the closet, followed by spraying a bit of air-freshener to sweeten the air. You can even light up a few aromatic candles if there’s time at hand to strike off the final thing on your list of pre-nooky rituals.

What women do right before sex involves a number of things and if you do them too, take a bow. After all, you wouldn’t be quite so in the zone if you had to think about how messy the room is or whether you’re smelling nice and fresh down there. If you don’t have pre-nooky rituals, maybe it’s time to start. They’ll get you prepared for lovemaking like nothing else!

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