How to Get The Upper Hand at Work

5 Powerful Tips to Lead the Pack at Work

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Some people are blessed with good jobs where they don’t have to keep looking over their shoulders. No matter how secure you may feel, there may come a day when you might have to do just that. Securing your position at work gives you an edge over others. That’s not saying you trample your way through. There are healthy ways to ensure you always have the upper hand at work.

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Position at Work

1. Make yourself indispensable at work

Making yourself indispensable at work ensures your boss or supervisors count on you. You’re seen as being essential to the overall success of the organisation. Your co-workers also tend to rely on you and the feeling of knowing you can be counted upon to get things done is priceless. To be indispensable, you have got to be good and efficient at your work.

2. Make money for the company

At the end of the day, it’s all about the money. The more money you bring in the more valuable you become for the company. It’s one of the best tips to have an upper hand at work and an even better way to push for a raise. The more you keep it coming the more the company will be compelled to keep you going.

3. Don’t act dependent

You may need the job more than ever to make ends meet, but never let your boss know it so that he can’t use it against you. Not even your colleagues. Knowing you’re dependent on the job will make them use it to their advantage. And you don’t want to constantly find yourself in a position where you can’t say a no.

4. Forge good relationships

Politics thrives in every company be it small or big. Forging strong relationships with colleagues inside and outside your area of responsibility strengthens your position at work. Right from the top most levels to the cleaning staff, you want to be amiable with everyone around you so that people don’t see you as being stuck up. It takes you a long way when you’re trying to establish yourself and this is one of the best ways to start.

5. Never be solely dependent on your job

Your job may be paying you well enough to live a lavish life, but spare a thought for the future and what may be. You may have a high profile job today and it could be gone in a flash tomorrow. So you always want to save for a rainy day to begin with and then maybe find an additional source of income like investments or side hustles. It’s good to have something to fall back on should you ever find yourself in an unfortunate position.

Knowing how to get the upper hand at work places you in a better bargaining position. If used wisely and responsibly, these tools will help you hold on to your job especially when the going gets tough.

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