How To Control Weight Gain After Marriage

5 Ideas to Stop Piling Post-Wedding Kilos

Most women go to huge lengths to maintain their waistline before marriage. However, after marriage and a baby, life can become way too busy. Wait, there’s good news! The how to avoid post-wedding weight gain question has a few simple answers!

From looking slim and pretty before marriage to suddenly piling on those kilos post wedding, your dress size can see a sea of change once you’ve put a “ring” on it! But why does it happen? Fight those extra kilos so you never give your favourites dresses to your slimmer cousins again!

5 Hacks to Save your Post-Wedding Waistline

1. The starvation period backfires

Before marriage, fasting, dieting and starving oneself are common so you can fit into your wedding dress. When the wedding is over, the after effects rightly take over. The problem is that you probably shed those extra pounds way too fast by crash dieting or over-exercising before marriage. Now, you need to be gradual, follow a proper diet and not shock your body!

2. You lose interest in cooking

Before marriage, you couldn’t resist the urge to whip up all his favourite dishes. After marriage, what with work and then having to think about what to cook each day, you simply don’t have it in you. The most convenient alternative is to eat out or order in. If you make it a habit, you know what’s in store for you. Better to take a little trouble to control weight gain after marriage

3. Every day becomes a reason to celebrate

You and your husband will find any and every excuse to take out those wine glasses you received as a wedding gift. While wine does have its health benefits, regular intake will pile on the calories. Limit it to the weekends so that not only do you keep all that post wedding weight gain at bay but also keep the novelty of drinking with each other intact.

4. You confine yourself to the couch

After marriage, your most favourite spot in the house becomes the couch. The temptation to plop yourself down on the couch in front of the TV, with the remote in one hand and a snack bowl in the other, turns into a bad habit that is hard to break. Try finding a better way to relax. If you miss the couch too much, at least do away with the snack bowl.

5. Ebb in bedroom action

While it may be true that newly married couples can’t keep their hands off each other, it’s also true that a couple’s sex life may slow down later on in marriage. Those long passionate nights of rolling about in bed may turn into quickies. Sex doubles up as exercise, and sexual intimacy is important to keep your marriage and fitness going. An active sex life is sometimes all you need to burn those calories!

Putting on weight after marriage not only increases the risk of physical ailments but you also face a setback when it upsets your wardrobe! Why wait for that to happen and end up feeling the worse for it? Now that you know how to lose weight after marriage, go get on with it already!

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