Struggles Of Being a Mom – How Baby Reacts When You Go To The Bathroom

5 Hilarious Things That Happen To a Baby When Mom Goes to The Bathroom!

If the joys of being a mom are numerous, the struggles aren’t any less. If you’re a mom of a young one, well, chances are you know what we are talking about. There is nothing known as bathroom privacy, and your kids will prove it to you!

Let’s be fair – everything is perfectly fine until mumma needs to use the washroom. That’s when all the problems in the world arise or all the questions need to be answered. Well, there can never be a thing as using the washroom in peace! And privacy, what’s that?

Here are a few everyday things that happen to all babies just when their moms go to the bathroom.

Trying To Figure Why Mom Doesn’t Want His/Her Company In The Loo

Kids are usually accompanied to the washroom and are rarely left alone to do the business. So when it comes to their mums, they can never figure why ‘they’ shouldn’t be accompanying her to do the same.

Why are there different rules for the same situation? Will someone please explain to these tiny tots!

The Endless Cry Of 5 Minutes Separation

If you are the mother of a baby who is yet to start talking to express himself/herself, you will completely relate to this. One moment they will be giggling and laughing and everything will seem absolutely fine, but come the moment you step aside to use the washroom, and all hell breaks loose. The unexplainable and persistent session of crying starts, which seems to have no end to it. Scientists are still investigating this behaviour!

The Sudden Hunger Pangs and Other Worldly Problems

‘Mumma, when will you come out, I am hungry’, ‘Mumma why do stars shine so bright at night?’, ‘Mumma, why should I let you pee in peace?’

Familiar with these questions? Well, they usually arise only when you least expect them – while using the washroom! Suddenly every grey cell in your kid’s brain will start working and they have a ton of questions to which they need the answers immediately.

Liberty To Do What Mom Said No For

‘Did mom say not to draw on the walls? – Let’s take the advantage of her absence then.’ If you too are welcomed by the masterpiece of a budding Picasso post your 2 minutes loo break, welcome to the struggles of being a mom!

Why Does Mumma Need To Hide From Me?

The kids always want to know the need for you to shut the bathroom door whenever you use it. It is valid source of concern, you see. Are you shutting them out, are you hiding from them or are you just playing peek-a-boo? Kindly explain!

As moms, you may find yourself in the middle of such situations on almost a regular basis. And honestly, there isn’t a way out. Sometimes, mothers even face what in a mum’s world is known as ‘Shower Schizophrenia’. Know that moment when you hear your munchkin crying when you are taking a shower? And you find out later that he wasn’t? That’s a sureshot sign you have this too!



While some mothers give in to these situations, others try and find other ways to get some peace and quiet (and they are pure genius)! Look at this ingenious notice shared by a mom on Facebook, for instance:

Whether or not you like them, we can guarantee one thing – these moments when your bathroom privacy is invaded will be moments you will never be able to forget!

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