Health Benefits of Using Humidifier in Your Home

5 Healthy Ways a Humidifier Can Change Your Life

Dry air can be a reason for many ailments and skin problems. Using a humidifier can help combat dry air and save you from discomfort. But it’s equally important to know how to use a humidifier. Find out the answer to this and many other questions about this miracle gadget.

It becomes very uncomfortable when the air around you gets too dry. Dry air can lead to a lot of health problems like dry throat, dry skin, sinusitis, chapped lips and nosebleeds.

What is a Humidifier and Why You Should Get One

A humidifier helps in increasing the level of humidity in the air. It’s a gadget that adds moisture to dry air in the form of water vapour or steam. Using it can protect you and your family from problems that are a result of extensive exposure to dry air.

What does a humidifier do for you?

1. It can provide relief from sinusitis and congestion

Do you suffer from congested sinuses? If the air in your home is too dry, it won’t help. In fact, it could aggravate it. You need your sinuses to drain out so that you can get some relief. Try installing a humidifier as it can give you some respite.

2. It promotes healing

If it’s your little darling who’s suffering because of extensive dryness in the air, all the more reason to have a humidifier in your house. By adding moisture to the air, her nasal passages will be lubricated and symptoms of cold, asthma and dry cough may go away.

3. It lessens nosebleeds

Nosebleeds are largely caused by dryness of the nasal passages. If the air at home is too dry, you and your family members might get recurring instances of nosebleeds. You can rectify things by inducing humidity using a humidifier, and save your family from the discomfort of a bleeding nose.

4. It reduces snoring

If you spend sleepless nights because of hubby’s loud snoring, maybe it’s time you invested in a humidifier for the room. It could help in preventing dry throat and reduce the intensity of his snores even if it may not eliminate them altogether.

5. It promotes soft and smooth skin

Dry air is one of the worst enemies of good skin. Thankfully, humidifier use can help promote softer, smoother skin. Place one in your bedroom, turn it on while sleeping and wake up to suppler skin and more moisturised lips over time.

How to use a humidifier

Using a humidifier can be extremely beneficial, but it’s important that you know how to use it. If low humidity in the air is not good, too much isn’t either. It could trigger and aggravate breathing problems in asthmatic patients and cause hair to frizz. Make sure that the level of humidity in the air is neither too high nor too low. According to experts, the ideal level should be between 30 to 50%. With the help of a hygrometer, you can get the exact measure of humidity in the air around you. Most humidifiers these days have a built-in hygrometer.

Get a humidifier from a renowned brand to ensure good quality and safety. With so many benefits of using a humidifier, it is high time that you invest in one for a healthier lifestyle.

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