Healthy Foods That Are Surprisingly Unhealthy

5 “Health” Foods you Must Stay Away From!

Do you always stop and look at the labels that wrap your favorite foods and ask yourself if you’re eating the right stuff? Well, that is actually wise as most health foods aren’t as healthy as often assumed to be! Get rid of these items from your shopping cart before it’s too late.

We all reach out for ‘health’ foods that are green or fruity, light in calories or recommended by those who probably are a tad fitter than us. We think of them as our shortcut to good health. But how healthy are these health foods? There are many unsuspecting healthy foods that are lowering your metabolic rate and making you pile on the kilos.

Top 5 Surprisingly Unhealthy Foods No One Told you About

1. Non-Goodness of Granola Bars

This will surely break a few hearts, but granola bars aren’t a healthy snack proposition. Rich in corn syrup, high calorific value ingredients, and an extra dose of sugars, carbohydrates, and GMOs (genetically modified organisms), such bars are seldom recommended by modern-day dieticians! If you must, pick up an organic variant of these bars or just go ahead and create your own at home.

2. Sorry Soy Sauce, You Are Not for Me

Packed with sodium and other inferior sources of protein, soy sauce lacks methionine and cystine, which are essential amino acids for a healthy diet. Moreover, the Vitamin B-12 present in this sauce is incapable of being utilized by your body. Go in for coconut aminos instead and enjoy boosted energy levels, better overall body functions and stronger muscle tissues.

3. Fruit Juice Menace

What is unhealthy food and what’s not? The difference is shocking when we talk about fruit juices. The packaged ones that disappear off the racks of food stores like no other product are nothing but a storehouse of artificially added sugar. Additionally, over consumption of fruits lead to the ready absorption of fructose by your body, thereby leading to excessive weight gain if the same is not burnt the right way.

Fruit juice menace

4. Cereal Killer, Well!

While cereals have always served as your friend in need for a hurried breaksfast or midnight snack, they contain high levels of sweetening agents. Contrary to what most ‘health-food’ advertisements by cereal giants say, the nutrition labels reveal it all. Want to be safe? Stick to the brands that serve 150 calories or less per helping.

5. Don’t Dress Your Salads Up

When debating healthy food vs. unhealthy food, you will be better off giving your salads a closer look. Did know that though low in calories, a salad may still be unhealthy if dressed with those inviting swirls of colored dressings? These kill the goodness of your greens and give you nothing more in return than corn syrup and other non-value adding ingredients.

If you’re still wondering what foods are not good for you and if there are more, don’t fret too much. With the right awareness and a little more care, you can keep unhealthy ‘heath foods’ at bay. Go for edibles that keep you lithe, energetic and feeling great at all times; you deserve them!

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