Exercise Machines That are Not Safe to Use

5 Gym Machines that aren’t Safe for you!

Gym equipment is not always effective. But there are a number of gym machines that are also not safe to use! It’s highly recommended that you give these machines a skip the next time you work out. You wouldn’t want an injury to prevent you from caring for your family.

Why expose yourself to a hamstring or hand injury by using certain gym machines. Ditch them for safer alternatives. Here are the machines you should keep a mile away from:

Gym Machines You Need to Stay Away From

1. Lying Leg Press

Lying back for a leg press can cause an overstrained body. The weight that you use for the machine can affect your lower back while placing your flexes under extreme pressure. This can result in a herniated disk. The machine also does not do your hips, shoulders, or lower back any favours. All pain and no gain? Instead, why don’t you try goblet squats with dumbbells? It helps take the pressure off your lower back. A lighter load can help you sustain your routine.

2. Abductor Machine

The abductor machine is one of the exercise machines to avoid at all costs. They are meant to develop your inner and outer thigh but actually work the intended muscles in isolation, not in coordination! Free weight exercises are worth your time more than using this machine. Skater jumps or lunges are more effective exercises. They will give you the desired results without spraining your thighs.

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3. Back Extension Machine

If you’re already having trouble with your back, avoid this dangerous machine. While the machine may help you strengthen your core, it can affect your back pretty badly. Skip the machine and instead opt for exercises that will help you maintain the arch of your lumbar spine. If you want to use machines, you can always try the bent-over row or stiff-legged deadlift instead.

4. Sit-Down Crunch Machine

If you’re the kind of mom who is working towards six-pack abs, this machine is allegedly great for you. However, this machine could keep you stronger at the cost of more aches and pains. The main flaw with this machine is that it could give you a bad sitting posture. Plus, doing crunches on the machine may not necessarily be good for your lower back. This is among the gym machines that are not safe to use. Give the machine a miss and instead opt for free-hand exercises. A traditional plank on your forearms and toes is good for you. You can then move on to lifting each leg of the ground simultaneously. This will also help develop your core and give you the elusive six pack.

5. Smith Machine

The machine might help you train biceps and triceps but it will definitely put stress on your knees and lower back. It would be advisable for you to try body weight squats instead.

Gym machines may be an important part of a workout routine. But some can do more harm than good. Therefore, before using a machine, ask an expert. Doing free-hand exercises may be better. They will help you achieve the results you want naturally.

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